Blame the radicals. Theses questioning Yanukovych

Виноваты радикалы. Тезисы допроса Януковича

Told the former President about the events of winter 2013-2014.

Interrogation of Viktor Yanukovych finally took place, albeit at the second attempt. In a few hours, the former President said a lot of things, but the Ukrainian Prosecutor was dissatisfied, because Yanukovych is often left from the direct answer and fell into demagoguery.

The questioning took place in the case of the Euromaidan and the main questions were about who shot who gave the order that Yanukovych was known in those days as well as about Russia’s role.

The word was also given to the relatives of the victims on the Maidan.

Корреспондент.net identified the main statements of the former President about the events from December 2013 to February 2014, despite the fact that Yanukovych on most specific questions answered “I do not remember this”.


Who shot the Maidan

According to Yanukovych, he never discussed the conditions for the suppression of a rally in Central Kiev, – neither in Russia, nor in Ukraine.

A former President once said has always been against bloodshed.

“From the very beginning to the very end was against the use of force and bloodshed”

He solace on the study prepared for presentation at the annual conference of the American political science Association in San Francisco:

“The shooting on the Maidan involved in far right and oligarchic groupings”

With regard to the orders of law enforcement authorities, then, according to Yanukovych, he said that we need to do everything to stop the bloodshed.

“The order to shoot I didn’t,”

“Fire was opened from those buildings, which were under the control of the opposition. In these buildings were permitted to enter their regular meetings, there was a public square, and the floors worked snipers”

In the dispersal of the Maidan Yanukovych Sergey Levochkin suspects, who at that time held the post of head of the presidential Administration.

“Liovochkin may have had involvement, but there is no evidence”

Weapons on the Maidan, according to the ex-President were from different sources: personal weapons stolen from the sites of the Ministry of interior and foreign sniper weapons.

The former President is no proof that sniper rifles were imported to Ukraine from other countries. And the current government, according to Yanukovych, is doing everything to about it never knew.

“On the Maidan was a foreign sniper rifles”


Who is to blame

Yanukovych accused the media of aggravating the situation and wrong presentation of information about European integration. Therefore, according to the ex-President to the people was not conveyed his explanation of why the EU agreement he signed.

“I wanted to make it better for people”

The former President once again said that the Association with the EU in the form in which they proposed did not meet the national interests of Ukraine.

“Not guilty of the people on the Maidan and radicals, which caused bloodshed”

Radicals and those who manage them, it is also in the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Donbass.

Bloodletting was beneficial to the leaders of the Maidan, and the Ukrainian President – me – on the contrary, unprofitable.

“The political responsibility for this lies with all the leaders of the Maidan”

“Lutsenko, Parasyuk called on the protesters to armed confrontation”

Yanukovych apologized to the victims and relatives of the victims.

“I did everything that this tragedy was not”

He also said that he was not against the opposition’s participation in the creation of a technical government, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was offered the post of Prime Minister.

“The coalition destroyed Firtash and Levochkin”

Yanukovych also recalled the agreement of the government and the opposition, which was broken, causing the ex-President left Kiev and then the country.

“In Ukraine, worked out the scenario of change of power”

The entrance of the building from which the snipers killed people, was guarded by the radicals, says Yanukovych. The authorities could not have foreseen such events, so law enforcement officers responded to the location at their discretion.

“The radicals provoked the employees of the Golden Eagle. In my opinion, the eagle has exceeded its authority. This is my opinion”

The Crimea and the escape from Ukraine

Your story about the escape of Yanukovych began at a press conference on Friday, November 25.

The decision we are Pleased that the President has withdrawn – wrong because, according to Yanukovych, this time he was on the territory of Ukraine – in Donetsk, at the residence of Renat Akhmetov.

“On February 22, I was in Kharkov and Donetsk, 23 – in the Crimea, 24 left the Crimea… the People are misinformed, deputies misinformed. The first States that recognized the current government, elected in an unconstitutional way – Sweden and Germany, and then everything, including US”

Yanukovych said that in the Melitopol district, when he was driving from Donetsk to Crimea, his motorcade was ambushed, which was organized by people without insignia, and they spoke in a foreign language.

“Ambushed people spoke among themselves that they have the order to shoot the President’s motorcade and did not leave alive”

In Russia Yanukovych arrived on 24 February.

“When I went to the Crimea, I thought I was going to live in a country where the Constitution where I am the President… When I came to Crimea, I started looking for the answer. And I realized that there is no escape”.

Yanukovych admitted that when he arrived in Sevastopol, you know that recently held a referendum on secession from Ukraine and joining Russia.

“In Sevastopol decided to create self-defense units, to put roadblocks on the border with Ukraine… the decision Was made to immediately begin the referendum on secession from Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation”

He noted that the decision on the referendum was strongly influenced by the military of the black sea fleet of Russia.

“I was against the referendum. But then there would be a civil war… If I had stayed in Ukraine, such as the war in Donbas would have been all over Ukraine”

Yanukovych was not removed from responsibility of the President of Ukraine.

“To date I personally have not removed himself from this responsibility and carry it before the Ukrainian people. And how it relates to this – it’s a matter of people”