Blew up and shot. As leaving the person “LDNR”

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

Zakharchenko was killed in an explosion in Donetsk. Nice fate overtook many of the “heroes of the breakaway republics” in the Donbas.

The death of the head “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko was one in a series of deaths of influential commanders who fought in the Donbas the separatist self-proclaimed “Republic” in 2014.

With the death of Zakharchenko in power “LDNR” there is not one signatories of the Minsk agreement. The attacks in Donetsk and Russia accuses Kiev, but there are other versions. Корреспондент.net understand the causes and consequences.


Zakharchenko: Donetsk redistribution

Zakharchenko was fatally wounded, presumably in the head during an explosion in a cafe Separable, which belongs to the chief of the security head of the “DNR”.

The separatists and Moscow, as usual in such cases, was accused of “Ukrainian saboteurs” and threatened consequences. The Ukrainian authorities deny their prichastnosti and promise to tell the details later.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

Killing Zakharchenko / EPA

Death Zakharchenko there are other versions – sweep from the Kremlin, local disassembly or attempt to provoke a conflict, which could be organized by any of the parties to the conflict.

Head of “DNR” appointed on the same day. To replace Zakharchenko came Dmitry Trapeznikov, who was considered the third most important person in the “Republic”.

Trapeznikov, a former Manager and curator of the fan movement FC Shakhtar Donetsk owned by billionaire Rinat Akhmetov. He has also held Executive positions in such business entities as Baustandart, Billiards, the Charity Blagovic.

From 2010 to 2012 Trapeznikov worked as a Deputy head of the regional Council of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, then before the war he headed the trading house Koopvneshtorg. In September 2014 he was appointed head of the “interim administration” telmanovskiy district “DNR”. Trapeznikov active participation in hostilities did not accept.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

Dmitry Trapeznikov / EPA

The Minsk agreements are not threatened – they are uncontested, it is repeatedly stated by members of channel four, said RBC Deputy Director approximate to the Kremlin, of the political conjuncture Oleg Ignatov.

“Change of signatories will not change anything, as shown by the withdrawal of the head “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky. Perhaps Kiev will try to use the situation to their advantage, but the position of the United States, Europe and Russia on the Minsk agreement as the only option to resolve the situation will remain unchanged,” – said the expert.

Murder Zakharchenko will lead to the redistribution of power and business in “the Republic”, noted close to the Kremlin, the interlocutor of RBC. According to him, after the death of the head of the “DNR” will increase friction between the security forces and political curators of the “Republic” and the struggle for financial flows to Donetsk.

It is also worth noting that the situation on the frontline has not changed after the death of Zakharchenko.

Interestingly, his funeral was attended by former Prosecutor annexed Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya Russian and the head of the Peninsula Sergey Aksenov.


Carpenter: capture a coup

In August 2016 there was an attempt on the head of “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky. In Lugansk attached to the post high-explosive fragmentation device exploded, damaging a car Carpenter. He and several others were injured.

Carpenter was still alive, but in a year in Lugansk coup, in which he remained without fasting. He left the “LPR” and lives in Moscow. He was replaced by Leonid beekeeper.

In November, during the week in Lugansk continued confrontation between Carpenter and “interior Minister” Igor Kornet, who refused to implement the decision on his resignation and his armed supporters had seized a complex of government buildings “LC”.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

The coup in Luhansk / EPA

As columnist of Kommersant FM Dmitry drize, Russia initially refused to intervene in the situation.

“He has lost influence on its citizens and the local “elite”… the Reason is simple: it’s one thing on the field of battle a field commander, and another thing – in a more or less peacetime, to deal with the economy – or rather its absence, is to balance the interests of such officers and to restrain the appetites of the environment and its own”, – the expert believes.

On the Minsk agreements is not affected, since the settlement of the Donbas is not the responsibility of “republics,” says dries.

22 Sep 2016 Carpenter confirmed that his parents died, having poisoned with mushrooms.


Givi: removed the objectionable

Ukrainian Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi in may 2014 he participated in the fighting in Slavyansk, Ilovaisk and Donetsk airport. Were the battalion commanders of Somalia.

Killed Givi in his office on 8 February 2017. It was noted that the attack used rocket flamethrower Shmel.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

Givi died in office

In addition, according to one version, the Cabinet could explode an improvised explosive device. Judging by the photos from the scene, the charge of the Bumblebee completely burned out office Givi.

Murder in the Thick accused the “Ukrainian saboteurs”. Soon in “DNR” declared about their detention. However, the press, Russian and foreign, wrote that Givi cleaned as objectionable, including, because of the public humiliation of prisoners. Detail in the Black band. Foreign media about the death of Givi.


Bolotov: weak politician

On 27 January it became known about the death of Valery Bolotov, the first head of the self-proclaimed “LNR” and one of the commanders of militants. Voluntarily leaving the post in August 2014, the last time he lived in the suburbs.

In 2016, he tried to return to political activity in Lugansk. In December 2016 Bolotov gave an interview to Rosbalt sharply criticized Igor Carpenter, accusing his battalion dawn shelling of civilian houses of Lugansk.

It was the occasion to consider the death of 46-year-old Bolotov violent, although the official reason is called a heart attack. According to Bolotov widow, her husband had been poisoned.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

Bolotov / Reuters

Source Газеты.Ru close to the political project of Viktor Medvedchuk, the former head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, said that Bolotov “emerged from nowhere” and had a reputation as a good military commander, but a weak politician.

During the conflict, Bolotov has recorded four video messages to the residents of Lugansk region. First starred in the mask, but in the latter, where calling for the storming of the building of the regional Department of the SBU, showed face.

21 APR 2014 Bolotov on the square declared “people’s Governor”. From may to August, he served as the acting head of the self-proclaimed “LNR”.


Motorola: media “hero”

October 16, 2016 in an explosion in the Elevator of her apartment block in Donetsk was killed the battalion commander of Sparta Russian Arseniy Pavlov, known as Motorola. Power “DND” was accused of his death, the Ukrainian security services – the same “commandos” who killed Givi.

In Donetsk and Russia Pavlov was called one of the commanders of the display “DND”. He got all the “awards of the Republic” – until the star of the Hero. Fame Motorola acquired in may 2014 in Slavyansk after the movie about one of the first battles of the parts of the Mat units Igor strelkov.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"

What killed Motorola

Popular version of his death is the Kremlin’s desire to enshrine in the consciousness of the people “hero” Motorola, as active hostilities had already ended.


Zhilin did not share the Donbass coal

19 September 2016 in Moscow the leader of Oplot Yevgeny Zhilin was shot. Stronghold – organization, which is recognized in Ukraine as terrorist. Was founded in Kharkov in 2010.

The members of the Bastion involved in the many activities of the Pro-Russian character, which were held on the territory of Ukraine. In Kharkov oplotovtsy clashed with members of a local Euromaidan.

In addition, members of the Bulwark are involved in repeated seizure of the building of Kharkiv regional state administration in the spring of 2014. Participated in the assault and capture of the city hall of Donetsk and the Donetsk regional state administration.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"



The murder of Zilina occurred in the Russian village of Gorki-2 outside Moscow in a luxury restaurant a Breeze. The institution is unknown twice in an emphasis shot Zilina in the head.

In Moscow the priority version called the commercial activity. Soon, the Kommersant wrote that the shooting of Zilina is competition over the distribution of cash flows from the sale of the Donbass coal in Russia and Ukraine.

In 2018, the Rosbalt reported that he was shot by a hit man from Ukraine Nikolay Didkovsky.


Tsepkalo: the organizer of the coup

24 Sep 2016 former “Chairman of the Council of Ministers LNR” Gennady Tsepkalo was found hanging in his cell, where he was placed in charge of the coup in “the Republic”. In Luhansk said that it was a suicide.


Dad: criticized Carpenter

12 December 2015 in the area of Pervomaisk was killed a field commander of the Cossack regiment “LNR” Pavel Dremov aka Batya. His car was blown up on the way to sobstvennom wedding.

His “Cossack squads” was in Stakhanov and Severodonetsk. He actively criticized Carpenter. Dremov directly accused the head of “LNR” in corruption and the looting of humanitarian aid from Russia.


Brain: conflict with the authorities

May 23, 2015 near the village of Mikhaylovka in the assassination attempt was killed by the commander of the group, a Ghost, and later – the commander of one of battalions “of militia of LNR” Alexey Brain.

His car hit a land mine and was shot. But he killed six people, including two civilians.

Взрывали и расстреливали. Как уходили лица "ЛДНР"



The “LPR” authorities accused the Ukrainian military. Responsibility for the murder claimed the Ukrainian detachment of the Shadows.

But many suspect that Bednov was killed in Luhansk authorities, with whom the battalion was a serious conflict. Separatist Yuri Goroshko, previously served in the protection of the Brain, said that none of the fighters the Ghost in the version of the “Ukrainian saboteurs” will not believe. Kiev accused Russian special forces.


Gypsy: like “Novorossia”

March 26, 2015 in Donetsk, unknown assailants shot dead the commander of the separatists Mirage of Roman Wonders, known by the call sign of the Gypsies.

A former employee of the Golden Eagle, Having actively participated in the protests in the spring of 2014, after a put together his own battalion and decided to become a “member of the Parliament of new Russia”.

Authorities of the DPR was linked to the murder of a Gypsy with the “Ukrainian security forces and attempt to destabilize the situation in the Republic”.


Batman was against Minsk

January 1, 2015 former employee of the Ukrainian interior Ministry and the Batman battalion commander Alexander Bednov was killed after “fierce armed resistance” in the attempt of the employees “of the Prosecutor General LNR” to disarm and detain him.

Column Bednov and his soldiers were shot on the March with flamethrowers, grenade launchers and small arms.

A month before the death of the Luhansk Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against “batanovci” in the case of the torture of 13 local residents.

The poor advocated the continuation of hostilities and the complete liberation of the Ukrainian troops from the entire territory of the former Luhansk region, was an opponent of the Minsk agreements.


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