Blockade of Donbass and the new growth of utility tariffs related to Medvedchuk

Блокада Донбасса и новый рост тарифов ЖКХ взаимосвязаны - Медведчук

The country was in “tariff standstill”, the politician believes.

Blockade of Donbass will lead to new growth rates, because imported coal is more expensive than domestic 1.7 times, wrote in his blog, Victor Medvedchuk, citing the state statistics service.

“In January, the level of payments for public utilities (excluding electricity) was 62.6%, and arrears on their payments has increased by UAH 5.5 billion. Thus, the debt on payment of housing and communal services not less than 25.4 billion UAH. This is a huge figure. And this despite the fact that while a significant portion of the amounts accrued for the “communal”, is covered by subsidies”, – said the politician.

The politician also noted that according to the “recommendations” of the IMF, the role of subsidies in the payment of utility bills should decrease as by reducing regulations, and by tougher approach to the provision of subsidies.

The “tariff” a dead end, which pushes the Ukrainian authorities, according to the leader of Ukrainian choice, not even the consequence of the wrong actions of individual officials.

“This is primarily the result of a rash of European integration. It provides for raising gas prices for the population to be “economically feasible” (and completely unaffordable for people) level. And for what? In April last year, European officials welcomed the Ukrainian government’s decision to raise tariffs, arguing that it is essential for the fight against corruption. People are driven to poverty, corruption is still rampant”, – says Medvedchuk.

Earlier, Medvedchuk said that the blockade of the Donbas continues, despite common sense.

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