Blocked the building of the Parliament with the help of the police left the head of the ruling party of Kaczynski

Заблокированное здание Сейма с помощью полиции покинул глава правящей партии Качиньский

The protesters blocked the building of the Polish Sejm with the assistance of the police could leave the head of the ruling party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Get out of the building he helped the police, who pushed protesters and freed the way for him.

This was reported by Polish TV channel TVN24.

It is reported that Kaczynski was able to leave the diet building at 2:40 of the night.

Заблокированное здание Сейма с помощью полиции покинул глава правящей партии Качиньский

The opposition party said the police used tear gas against protesters who tried to block the exit to his car. Machine Kaczynski left, accompanied by the car of the Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, as well as several others.

We will remind, in Poland, the protesters blocked all exits of the building of the Sejm.

Yesterday, December 16, the day the opposition blocked the work of the Sejm, refused to participate in the meeting in protest against the restriction of access of media representatives at hearings. Under the new rules, from next year, the record at the meeting will be able to conduct only five Polish broadcasters. The initiators of these restrictions stated that journalists distract the deputies, asking unnecessary questions. Deputies of the opposition parties considered the innovation of restriction of freedom of speech and stood for a few hours at the rostrum of the speaker of the Seimas, having broken, thus, the vote on the budget for 2017-th year. After that, by decision of the deputies of the ruling party, the vote was moved to another room.

Now the opposition accuses the MPs from the ruling party “Law and justice” in the fact that they adopted a budget for next year with violations of the law. According to them, the deputies had no right to transfer the vote to another room and it is illegitimate.