BOAZ warns about the threat of the spread of an incurable disease

ВООЗ предупреждает об угрозе распространения неизлечимой болезни

Experts are studying the bacteria of gonorrhea

Doctors in three countries are faced with an incurable form of “smart” of gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea getting harder to treat, said the world health organization. Sexually transmitted infection is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

According to Dr. Theodora VI of the Department of reproductive health of the who, experts have recorded three cases in Japan, France and Spain, when physicians are faced with an incurable form of gonorrhea.

“Gonorrhea is a very smart infection. Every time you introduce a new kind of antibiotics for her treatment, resistance to infection increases,” said VI.

Gonorrhea can affect the genitals, rectum and throat, and the latter circumstance is particularly concerned experts in the field of health. As explained by VI, antibiotics may contribute to the development of gonorrhea in the back of the throat.

“When you use antibiotics to treat the inflammation in the throat, they are mixed with Neisseria (Neisseria gonorrhoea is a bacterium that causes gonorrhea – ed.) in your throat,” said the medic.

According to her, in this process, resistance to infections increases.

Experts warn that he was in a favorable environment during oral sex bacteria gonorrhea can lead to superheores – severe infections difficult to treat.

In the United States, increased resistance of bacteria to the antibiotic was observed for men engaged in gay sex. The reason is the same infection in the throat, added VI.

Due to the fact that fear of HIV began to decline, people are less likely to use condoms, and this contributes to the spread of the infection, experts say.

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Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si