Boeing and Airbus broke records in sales of aircraft

Boeing и Airbus побили рекорды по продажам самолетов

Boeing remains the market leader

The American company has maintained its leadership, selling 806 civil aircraft. Airbus fell behind just six units.

Past 2018 was the most successful in the history of civil aviation for the supply of new aircraft. This became known after two of the largest manufacturer in the market, Boeing and Airbus have published the reports, said on Wednesday, January 9, the merchant.

It is noted that Boeing has delivered over the past year 806 of the civil courts, which allowed it to retain global leadership, which she captured seven years ago. Behind Airbus for six aircraft from its main competitor, putting airlines 800 aircraft.

In this case, both the manufacturer was unable to fulfil his plan to deliveries. Boeing originally hoped to transfer the carriers from 810 to 815 aircraft company failed to implement its own forecast for the first time since 2011. As Airbus reached only the lower boundary of the forecast, which was reduced in October due to problems with suppliers and internal manufacturing delays.

On the eve of Boeing shares on the NYSE rose by 3.8%, about the same added to the price of Airbus shares at the Paris stock exchange.

Earlier, the media learned about the danger of failure of a new Boeing 737 into a steep dive. Later it turned out that Boeing had concealed a deadly feature of the liners 737 MAX.


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