Boeing closed the sky. But Ukraine is waiting for Max threat 8

Боингу закрыли небо. Но Украина ждет опасные Max 8

What’s wrong with the Boeing 737 Max 8

The second fall of the new model Boeing 737 Max 8 has caused panic among pilots and controllers. Cold-blooded are the USA, Canada and Ukraine.

After the second six months of the crash of Boeing 737 Max 8 many countries around the world have suspended operation and have banned flights in its airspace of cars of this model.

Already more than half of all Boeing 737 Max 8 sat on the ground. The company’s shares fell a record, and market capitalization decreased by 26 billion dollars.

Ukraine international airlines is planning to end the year with three Boeing 737 Max 8, one of which is at the end of this month. Корреспондент.net tells details.

From Boeing 737 Max 8 refuse worldwide

On the morning of March 10 passenger Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines airline crashed six minutes after taking off from Bole international airport in the Ethiopian capital. On Board were 149 passengers and eight crew members. They all died.

China, one of the largest owners of this model, almost immediately abandoned to their service because I saw a similarity with another crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8, which occurred in late October of last year. Then the plane of the Indonesian airline Lion Air has fallen in the Java sea after 13 minutes after takeoff. On Board were 189 people.

The cause of the crash was incorrect operation of the sensor that failure sends the plane into a steep dive, even with manual control. The investigation showed the crash of an Indonesian airliner, the pilots tried to correct the situation, but automation is more than 20 times did not allow them to do it.

After the disaster Boeing has released a guide for pilots, what to do in case of a call, and later updated the software.

The 737 Max 8 aircraft appeared in the skies in 2017. The model 737 is the bestselling airliner in history, and the modification of the Max 8 with increased fuel efficiency – a Central element in the strategy of competition the Boeing c Airbus products.

The EU stated that it would take the decision on further operation of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 on the basis of consultations with the aeronautical authorities of the United States. America did not abandon the aircraft. President Donald trump spoke with the head of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg and that he was assured of the security model.

The company said that in the next few weeks will update the software liners 737 MAX, the improvement which was developed jointly with the Federal office of civil aviation USA.

On the website of Boeing company published an announcement which refers to confidence in the safety of the aircraft model 737 MAX 8.

“We understand that regulators and customers made decisions that are most appropriate for their countries. We continue to interact with them, so they had the information necessary to maintain confidence in the operation of aircraft”, – stated in the message.

Despite the confidence of the United States and Boeing, the European Union refused from the operation of the model and banned its flight over its territory. This a major blow for Boeing, as the European aviation safety Agency EASA is one of two major regulators of the sector, along with the us.

Prohibiting the use of Boeing 737 Max also said Ethiopia, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Morocco, Brazil, India, Argentina, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Kuwait, Mughal, Oman, Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Russia.

In support of the model was made by the government of Canada, which has a few dozen Boeing 737 Max 8. So, Minister of transport of Canada Marc Garneau said that without hesitation would fly on this plane because they have “millions of flying hours”.


Ukraine is waiting for your Boeing 737 Max 8

In Ukraine Boeing 737 MAX 8 plan to use two companies – MAU and SkyUp Airlines. As stated by both companies, the disaster in Ethiopia will not affect their decision.

So, the press Secretary of UIA Yevheniya satska said that the previously developed plans of the airline include the delivery of three new Boeing 737 Max 8 directly from the factory in Seattle. The first aircraft is expected in late March, and the remaining two before the end of the year.

Satsky added that UIA is closely following the progress of the investigation of the crash and is in constant dialogue with the aircraft manufacturer.

CEO SkyUp Airlines Eugene Hojnacki told UKRINFORM that the company will receive Boeing 737 Max 8 until 2023.

“We have enough time to collect information about the results of the investigation to the introduction of these aircraft”, – he said.

According to Chinascope, SkyUp Airlines has agreed with Boeing to complete information about the results of investigations by both Indonesian and Ethiopian plane crashes.

“Also, the Boeing Corporation undertook to develop and provide advice and guidance on the implementation of additional procedures for aircraft operation series MAX after the conclusions obtained in the result of the investigation, international commissions”, – said Hojnacki.


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