Boeing is developing the new 737 MAX

Boeing разрабатывает новое ПО для самолетов 737 MAX

Boeing model 737 Max

The Boeing company has already developed associated with the new IN the manual training of the flight crews.

The American company Boeing is developing a service Bulletin to airlines, which includes new software for managing flights in the 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9, according to the Federal aviation administration of the United States.

Boeing has developed related to leadership training of the flight crews. The installation of the new software operators of aircraft of this model will be a priority.

The software update will limit the possibilities of the controversial MCAS system, which was used in the 737 Lion Air MAX, crashed off the coast of Indonesia last year, and in the plane, a wrecked in Ethiopia in March.

We will remind, the plane the Boeing 737 MAX crashed in Ethiopia on March 10. Victims of tragedy of steel 157.

After the crash of flying this type of aircraft banned from EU, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Georgia. The use of liners refused many airlines around the world. Boeing has suspended deliveries of the 737 MAX.

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