Boeing lost the contract to 49 Airliners after crashes of 737 MAX

Boeing потерял контракт на 49 лайнеров после крушений 737 MAX

Boeing model 737 Max

Garuda Indonesia cancelled a multibillion-dollar contract with Boeing for the purchase of 49 737 MAX 8.

The national airline of Indonesia Garuda Indonesia cancelled a multi-billion contract with us aircraft manufacturer Boeing for the purchase of 49 passenger aircraft 737 MAX 8 after two accidents that occurred involving this boat. This is with reference to the official representative of the Indonesian carrier said on Friday, March 22, AFP.

“We have sent Boeing a letter asking to cancel the order. Garuda passengers lost confidence and don’t want to fly a [Boeing 737] MAX,” said a company spokesman Ihsan Rozan.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the airline has already received under the contract by $4.9 billion over 50 Boeing 737 MAX 8 to Leave the ship or return to the manufacturer, this issue is not yet resolved, he added. At the same time to reject other Boeing Indonesian carrier is not intended.

Stated that this is the first confirmed case of a complete termination of the contract with the aircraft manufacturer after the accident, which occurred in mid-March. Then the Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines airline crashed in Africa, killing 157 people. Before that, in October 2018, the accident occurred passenger aircraft of the same model in Indonesia. Victims of the disaster were 189 people.

After the crash in Ethiopia flying this type of aircraft banned from EU, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Georgia. The use of liners refused many airlines around the world. Boeing has suspended deliveries of the 737 MAX.

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