Bogachuk will fight after 2.5 weeks after the fight in Moscow

Богачук проведет бой спустя 2,5 недели после боя в Москве

Sergey Bogachuk has commented on the match in Moscow.

The prospect of the first Ukrainian Middleweight Sergey Bogachuk said Luckypunchnet of the victory over Georgian Nicolosi Gviniashvili in Moscow in the undercard of the fight the Tendril – Gassiev and plans for the near future.

“Boxing in this show is already spent. I had a good, intense battle, which left a good impression. The opponent was not that strong, but strong. Fought at a good pace. I fell into it, and he endured. I’m happy with the match, to a Boxing career it was a lesson.

The coach instructed us not to climb with him to the fight, keep distance, to avoid, to hang out and less take shots.

We planned to hold the match in Moscow, and then another 8-round fight after 2.5 weeks in Hollywood. Now go back to big Bear and continue preparations for the match, scheduled for 8 August.

Until I got to the form you need to fill the record. As long as everything goes well, I win all the fights ahead of time. If I was going the whole distance in 8-10-round distance fights duels, it would be very different. And while I had a 6-year and 8-round fights, which I finished early, and can spend more elimination fights,” said Bogachuk.

Earlier it was reported that Bogachuk won in Moscow in the undercard of the fight the Tendril – Gassiev.

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