Bold: In Kiev did not notice anything that was shown on TV in Russia

Жирный: В Киеве не заметил ничего из того, что показывали по телевизору в России

Former Ukrainian biathlete Alexander Fat told about the attitude to Russians in Ukraine.

Biathlete Alexander Fat, which in 2014 moved from Russia to Ukraine, and this year came back in, told about the attitude to Russians in Ukraine.

“When I went to Ukraine, doubts, of course, was not so much me, how much the loved ones. Said: “Where you going? There is now such a start!”. Afraid that I won’t be able to come. But I already made my choice and decided to take a chance.

Crossing borders in the end there were no problems. I had a Ukrainian passport, and the guards treated me the same as all the other citizens. In Russia I was not more than 90 days and always quietly out of the country.

People in Kiev peacefully lived, worked, went about his business. No one panicked. Didn’t notice anything of what was shown on TV with us. The same can be said about Kiev — they show about us all completely wrong, as is actually the case. It’s all political games. The common people until they have no case.

The standard of living over the past four years has certainly changed. In Kiev it is felt not so much — the city is developing. But headed out for 100-200 miles and it already feels like people don’t have enough money, it is poor live.

As for the ban on protests in Russia, the athletes were ready to compete. Everyone was saddened by the decision, but to do nothing could. It is all about power.

Take the Russians in a team of very different people — coaches. And they are always happy to see the Russian biathletes in the team. Communication is also no problem. The guys take a well. We always understood each other and did not listen to these endless political slogans and appeals,” said Fatty, in an interview with Sport24.

Earlier it was reported that the biathlon Federation of Ukraine has allowed the fat to go to the national team of Russia.

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