Bombs are canceled. Mars until the new Earth

Бомбы отменяются. Марс пока не станет новой Землей

Ice cap of Mars

Scientists have great hopes for terraforming the red planet. However “you can’t just drop her nuclear bomb.”

Planetary scientists found that to make Mars habitable by terraforming in the near future is impossible because of the small content of carbon dioxide in the soil and ice of the red planet.

Thus, the researchers rejected the proposal by Elon musk, who wants to throw to Mars with nuclear bombs to melt the ice. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Terraforming of Mars is cancelled

Terraforming is the hypothetical process of changing the atmosphere and climate on the planet, which should make it suitable for terrestrial flora and fauna. One of the main candidates is considered to be Mars, the second closest planet to Earth.

Scientists suggest that when he was like Earth, with liquid water, thick atmosphere and mild climate.

Mars has a very thin atmosphere and as a consequence of the lack of atmospheric pressure. Any stocks of liquid water on the surface of the planet for a long time will not stay there. The water is either completely evaporated or freeze.

And no reproduction. The first colony on Mars

There are several options for terraforming the red planet. One of them is the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thanks to which the temperature and pressure will increase so that liquid water can exist on the surface.

In the new study, Bruce Jakosky from the University of Colorado and Christopher Edwards from Northern Arizona University, the results of which were published in the journal Nature Astronomy, focusing on the only available on Mars, the greenhouse gas CO2.

They examined data for 20 years with Rovers and spacecraft. It turned out that carbon dioxide in the polar caps and other reservoirs of Mars is not enough for terraforming the planet.

Бомбы отменяются. Марс пока не станет новой Землей

The ice on Mars / NASA

“This does not mean that the terraforming in itself impossible. Just do it is not so easy, as many now imagine. We can’t just go and blow up a few nukes over the ice caps of the planet and get what you want,” said Jakosky the portal New Scientist.

Modern technology will only triple the pressure on the red planet, which is not enough to create comfortable conditions on its surface.

According to astrophysicists, to create suitable for life on earth conditions on Mars, the pressure should be increased to one bar (approximately equal to the earth), which is equivalent to 2.5 thousand grams of carbon dioxide per square centimeter of surface. Today, the pressure on Mars is six millibars.

If we can release into the atmosphere all the carbon dioxide of Mars, the pressure will rise to 40 millibars, estimated by scientists.

Curiosity 2,000 days on Mars. Main photos

Considering everything on the planet processes, including “runaway” of oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars, as well as the development of modern technology, scientists have come to the conclusion that humanity can increase the atmospheric pressure to 20 millibars, if you will use all the available sources.

The main tank will serve as the polar caps, however, the contained gas will still be enough for terraforming. Under atmospheric pressure 20 mbar, the average temperature on Mars would increase by 10 degrees Kelvin, while for the stable existence of liquid water requires a warming at 60 Kelvin.

“Our study shows that Mars remained insufficient inventory quantity of carbon dioxide required to start the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Moreover, much of the existing inventory of CO2 on the planet are not. We believe that terraforming Mars is impossible. At least using the current technology,” said Jakosky.


The theory of revival of the red planet

There are many ideas for terraforming Mars. For example, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk that his life’s purpose calls the colonization of Mars, I am sure that most quickly achieve a permanent increase in temperature in the atmosphere of Mars by the nuclear bombing of poles of the planets.

The head of SpaceX, the conclusions of the American scientists did not like. He believes that on the red planet “full” of carbon dioxide absorbed in the soil, which will stand out when heated.

He also noted that under natural or artificial solar synthesis”, you can terraform almost any rocky body.”

40 years on Mars. The most amazing photo

Magazine Discover Magazine said the Mask, “in reality it is not so simple.” In an article titled “No, Elon, seriously. You can’t just throw a thermonuclear bomb Mars (we learned)”, they cite the opinions of experts on this issue.

Jim green, Director of NASA’s study of the planets, proposed to surround Mars artificial magnetic “shield” that will help the planet to partially restore the atmosphere.


Liquid water and life on Mars

In late June, scientists reported that they found on Mars a lake with liquid water. Ice pond with a diameter of about 20 kilometers was the first convincing evidence of liquid water on the planet.

The diameter of the reservoir with liquid water, scientists estimated at 20 kilometers, but the power of the MARSIS radar, which explored Mars, is not enough to accurately describe the contours of the lake. The radar could not measure the thickness of the water layer, but scientists believe that it is no less than a meter.

“This allows us to classify it as a separate water tank. This lake and not just melt water filled the space between with ice and rock which sometimes can be found under the glaciers on Earth,” – said the scientist.

Detail about opening in the material of Liquid water on Mars. How did discovery.

And in early June, scientists announced that the Curiosity Rover has made two important discoveries on the red planet’s surface – have found traces of ancient organic matter and proved that the levels of methane in the atmosphere vary greatly at the onset of winter and summer.

“With these new discoveries of Mars tells us to continue to search for signs of life. I am confident that our ongoing and future missions are preparing an even more exciting discoveries on the red planet,” – said the head of the Department scientific programs of NASA Thomas Zurbuchen.

Details about this in the article Felt life. The new discovery of Curiosity on Mars.


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