Bondarenko and Protsenko will compete for victory in the Diamond League

Бондаренко и Проценко поборются за победу в Бриллиантовой лиге

Bogdan Bondarenko

Ukrainian high jumpers will perform in the final in Zurich.

Under the new rules, diamond League takes place on the basis of world Cup qualification and final. As qualifications were the stages of the series, and the winners will be those athletes who will win in the finals in Zurich and Brussels.

Zurich made two Ukrainian athlete in the finals in the high jump qualified Bogdan Bondarenko and Andriy Protsenko. Both the athlete application for participation in the competition.

Protsenko this season became the winner of the stage in Rabat, as Bondarenko in Oslo and Paris have lost only the leader of the season and the new world champion Mutsu Barsisa.

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