Bondarenko won the second place on the stage of the Diamond League in Oslo

Бондаренко занял второе место на этапе Бриллиантовой лиги в Осло

Bogdan Bondarenko

Bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Rio made his first appearance in this season.

Ukrainian star high jumpers Bohdan Bondarenko and Andriy Protsenko took part in the stage of the Diamond League in Oslo.

For Protsenko phase was completed during the first altitude – hersonets was the only one out of three failed to take of 2.20 meters.

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Bondarenko from the first attempt took the height of the debut, then missed of 2.25 and completed a successful jump to 2.29. This height has obeyed and the Qatari Mutsu Barsisa, which Bondarenko played in the gold.

Here only there was no fight – Barsim first try won of 2.32, while Bondarenko made three unsuccessful attempts at that height. The Qatari already in the rank of the winner took of 2.35 and confidently won the victory.

For Protsenko this will be the third stage of the season. Prior to that, he played in Doha (2,26 m) and Shanghai (2,27 m). In China, Andrew won a bronze medal.

For Bondarenko stage of the Diamond League in Oslo was the first tournament of the season.

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