Border guards detained the cargo ship, which illegally entered the port of Crimea

Пограничники задержали грузовое морское судно, которое незаконно зашло в порт Крыма

The assistant to the head of the State border service of Ukraine (SBGS) Oleg Slobodyan

Border guards detained the cargo ship SKYMOON with the citizens of Libya and Syria on Board, which tried illegally to enter the port of Crimea. This was during the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the assistant head of the state border guard service Oleg Slobodyan.

“Yesterday, November 30, a boat of sea protection “Neck” of the state border service in the inland waters of the Ukrainian part of the Danube river found a cargo ship SKYMOON sailing under the flag of Tanzania with 9 team members: the captain of a vessel – the citizen of Libya and crew members – 8 citizens of Syria. According to GP “Administration of seaports of Ukraine” the Ministry of Infrastructure, the ship illegally came in temporarily closed the port of ARC” – said Slobodyan.

During the inspection of the vessel revealed the facts of committing the crew on the ship of administrative offences.

“Because of the absence of communication with the competent authority of the state border service of Ukraine, the border guards were forced to stop the specified ship and on the basis of a court order to carry out his inspection. According to the results of verification activities and inspection of the vessel, violations of crew members SKYMOON order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it are confirmed. The facts of Commission by a team at the ship administrative violations are corroborated by records and indices in the ship’s documents and instruments, and also marks the border Department of the Russian Federation on the entry and exit in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea during the identity documents of all members of the crew. Against the captain and crew of the vessel drawn up on an administrative offense under article 204, CH 2 of the criminal procedure code,” he said.

According Slobodyan, during the escort of a vessel in port Reni (Ukraine – ed.) the captain made a dangerous maneuver with the aim to put the ship aground in the Romanian waters of the Danube. However, the decisive actions of the oversight group, the attempt was foiled.

At the same time against the captain and the XO of the ship is composed of two protocols on administrative offence under art 185-10 Art.

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