Border guards found a cache of grenades in the Donbass

Пограничники нашли схрон с гранатами на Донбассе

Discovered grenades

All found ammunition seized by the officers of the national police for investigation.

The border guard Department of the Happiness of the Lisichansk unit together with police and state emergency service in the area of the FOS discovered a cache of grenades and ammunition.

It is reported by the state border service on Saturday, June 23.

The hiding place was in the ground near the train station control point of entry-exit Garden. Security forces found 240 rounds of 5.45 mm, five RGD-5 grenades, one hand grenade f-1 and six fuses to grenades.

All found explosive items and ammunition seized by the National police for investigation.

Earlier it was reported that the SBU had discovered a large Arsenal of weapons near Kyiv. Alone grenade launchers seized 19 pieces.

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