Border service confirmed the violation of Hungary’s borders by plane from Ukraine

Погранслужба подтвердила нарушение границы Венгрии самолетом из Украины

Upon crossing the Hungarian border with Ukraine have not yet been instituted criminal proceedings.

The border guards carried out operative actions for establishment of aircraft that crossed the border with Hungary, reported RBC-Ukraine Chairman of the State border service of Ukraine (SBGS) Oleg Slobodyan.

“The night from 9 to 10 June, the Hungarian guards were observed flying object on radar. It was a small flying target. Perhaps it was a plane, and perhaps a glider. Hard to say,” – said Slobodyan.

According to him, due to the violation of the border by Ukrainian aircraft in Hungary really declared martial alarm and bring the aircraft on high alert.

“They brought the aircraft in high alert, but in the sky the aircraft is not raised. …We have not announced the alarm, I think that it has canceled” – said Slobodyan.

The speaker noted that upon crossing the Hungarian border with Ukraine was not a criminal proceeding. “So now the Hungarian and Ukrainian border guards carried out operative actions, search actions. Law enforcement officers are trying to establish that it was the aircraft and for what purpose has been breached. Criminal proceedings are not instituted, as there is no confirmed fact, no detainee of the aircraft,” – said Slobodyan.

According to a representative of SBS, it was probably a plane or hang-smugglers, who have recently strengthened the use of small aircraft.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that a small plane from the Ukraine tonight, June 10, illegally crossed the airspace of Hungary, forcing him to lead the Hungarian air force in combat readiness.