Borislav Birch on legalization of wages: We are creating the preconditions to ensure that all left in the shade

Борислав Береза о детенизации зарплат: Мы создаем предпосылки для того, чтобы все ушли в тень

People’s Deputy Borislav Birch in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 28.11.16

People’s Deputy Borislav Bereza considers that in Ukraine are prerequisites for all left in the shade. This naroda reported in “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“In order to clear up the economy, we need to take a few steps. First, there should be a liberalization of taxation. Because as soon as it will be unprofitable to whiten his salary through all sorts of encasement structures, through some scheme, it’s easier and cheaper to pay the government, then people will pay the government… Second. It should be clearly understood that each FOP that worked not only contains yourself or 5 people working for him and their family, he pays even money to the government as tax, which he paid monthly. And we understand that this is money that goes to doctors, retired civil servants”, – said Birch.

The MP added: “Now begin to go dark… Who would clear up? People who do “black” work? In fact, we go back to the period of guilders, which was still in the Soviet Union. The story that we defensorem, facilitate the business goes nowhere. We create the prerequisites in order to go away into the shadows.”