Borovik claims that the mayor of Odessa, Trukhanov could fly to Turkey

Боровик заявляет, что мэр Одессы Труханов мог улететь в Турцию

The Deputy head of the Odessa regional state administration (RSA) Sasha Borovik has declared that the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, perhaps, flew to Turkey. He said this on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Previously Borovik reported that Trukhanov has cancelled tomorrow’s session of the city Council and flew abroad.

“This was said by the reporters, and someone gave me a picture yesterday Trukhanov is departures Odessa airport, and allegedly according to witnesses, he flew to Turkey. Yesterday, although information is not accurate, was canceled a city Council session, and were here the night of the event, spoke of”, he said.

According to him, during the attack on the tent camp on the Duma square 4 affected person.

“Protesters angered very much, 4 people sent to hospital, one broken leg, the other smudges under his eyes, and they in anger barricaded the city hall and in the morning no one was allowed in. And then came a new group here, what is called “aunts”, some shaven men, and they first rushed to understand, and then after them the deputies of Trukhanov began to dismantle the barricades”, he added.

Related news: In Odessa unblocked the building of the city Council, and the session was rescheduled for may 18

We will remind, under the building of the Odessa city Council held an indefinite picket for resignation of the mayor Gennady Trukhanov. This morning protesters on Dumskaya square tires blocked all three entrances to city hall due to the fact that on the night of April 26, they were attacked, in connection with which the officials of the municipality are unable to get to their jobs. According to police, the attack on aktivistov injured 3 people.

After that the Vice-mayor of Odessa Oles Yanchuk, along with dozens of members of the municipal guard, breaking the little resistance the protesters have unblocked the main entrance to the city Council and went inside. Then the building was surrounded by the fighters of the special battalion group of road police. Were soon unlocked and side entrances.

Then it became known that the city Council session was postponed. Thus in a press-service of the city hall claim that the meeting was postponed due to land issues, not because of the conflict with the protesters.

In turn, protesters after a small conflict with the public utilities engaged in the reconstruction of their town.