Borussia started selling t-shirts Yarmolenko

Боруссия начала продажи футболок Ярмоленко

Andriy Yarmolenko

Buy a t-shirt Andriy Yarmolenko in the new club can be for 93 euros.

Borussia Dortmund started selling t-shirts with the name of the rookie team of Ukrainian Andriy Yarmolenko.

T-shirt with the name of a Ukrainian midfielder available in the online shop at the official site of Dortmund.

Depending on the size and the applied logos price t-shirt new 9th team number what varies from € 89,95 to € 92,95.

Боруссия начала продажи футболок Ярмоленко

Earlier reported that Andriy Yarmolenko has signed a four year contract with Borussia Dortmund. Note that this transfer became the most expensive in the history of Dynamo Kiev, breaking the record of Shevchenko.

According to the materials: