Boxing “Ukrainian chieftains” lost the second match of the playoffs WSB

Бокс: "Украинские атаманы" проиграли второй матч плей-офф WSB

On Friday in London “Ukrainian chieftains” held the second quarterfinal match of the world series of Boxing against the “British lion heart.”

The team of Leonid Lvivskogo went to the second meeting with the British conceding with the score 1:4 and was, at least to take revenge with the same score to continue the struggle in an additional match, which under the rules was to take place in category to 75 kg.

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But the Chieftains lost the second match – 1:4 – and completed the current season of WSB.

Up to 52 kg. Denis Shkarubo – Ronnie Bublik 45:50, 44:50, 45:50.

Up to 60 kg Vitaly Solyanik – Luke McCormack 43:50, 43:50, 44:50.

To 69 kg. Sergey Bogachuk – Ikou Asuman 48:46, 47:48, 48:46.

Up to 81 kg. Denis Solonenko – Radoslav Dimitrov 45:50, 48:47, 46:49.

+ 91 kg. Vladislav Sirenko – Fraser Clark ТКО5 – 2