Boxing: Vitaly Klitschko has become “eternal” world champion WBC

Бокс: Виталий Кличко стал "вечным" чемпионом мира WBC

Vitali Klitschko received an award from the WBC, as ‘the Eternal champion world heavyweight champion’.

“It seemed impossible. I was born in the Soviet Union, a huge country, where he been banned professional Boxing. I was watching Mike Tyson when he became the youngest world champion in the heavyweight division in 1986, and I told friends that one day I’ll fight with you guys. One day I will be world champion in the heavyweight division. And once I took the belt that was once Tyson, Muhammad Ali. It is very important to have a dream and to do everything possible to implement it,” – said Klitschko.

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Recall the last time Vitali Klitschko went into the ring in 2012, and then completely focused on his political career.