Boyko: it’s Time to think about how to live after the war

Бойко: Пора думать, как жить после войны

Co-chair of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko

The opposition bloc said about the existence of an action plan to extricate the country from crisis.

Today in Kiev took place the Congress of the party Opposition bloc, which its leader Yuriy Boyko said about the presence of political forces plan to resolve the crisis in the country, noting that now it is time to think about life after the war.

“We invite the citizens to unite around our progressive programs and force of political bankrupts to leave early. The coalition of war, of failures must go” – quoted Boiko, the press service of the party.

According to him, the Opposition bloc has a clear and understandable plan of action: you must restart the government and to hold elections to the Parliament must be formed government of national trust.

The emphasis in the words quickly was placed on the need for mandatory implementation of the Minsk agreements for peace in Ukraine.

The politician stressed that already now we need to think how to live after the war. “The experience of all wars and conflicts, says only one thing – the world is achieved only through negotiation, compromise, a willingness to work together to agree on a peaceful future. In the near future, Ukraine, EU and Russia will sit at the same negotiating table and talk about the future of Europe”, – said Boyko.

“We are the only political force that has consistently advocated a policy of peace and alternative socio-economic policy”, – he stressed.

We will note, at the Congress Boyko together with Boris Kolesnikov was elected co-Chairman of the party.