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В ВР те, кто были ланселотами, превратились в дракона, с которым сражались

 Vlashchenko: Today in our Studio the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Bereza.

Hello, Borislav… will hold elections in the Donbass? They say that otherwise, Europe will not give a penny.

Birch: This is an information war waged by the representatives of “opposition bloc”, the Donbass representatives of the old elites. People Akhmetov, Ephraim. It is that constellation of people trying to reclaim the Donbass. Today Donbass is not subordinate to Ukraine, and completely subordinate to Russia. Also, it is not subject to the old political elites. The whole business has left them in the East. They are trying to go and settle again. Does not work. Ukraine will return control of this territory, but we must make sure that the representatives of “opposition bloc”-former representatives of Party of regions, this area has not got. And this is quite a serious task. When we talk about elections there, let’s give an example. Germany after the Second world war was quite a long period: denazification, then there was a period of external control and only many years later, elections were held. Austria, also from 1939 were under the influence of Nazi Germany only in 1955 he received the right to self-determination. Must pass period. Today on the territory (Donetsk, Lugansk) carry out a political information for children, brainwashed adults. I communicate with the people there. There brainwash people. Therefore, until that moment, until after treatment, while those who have blood on their hands, will not sit as armed gangs will not be destroyed until the borders are not under our control, until then no elections in the Donbass will not.

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– What is the road map for return of territories?

– It’s time for the West to say that the Minsk format has outlived itself, to offer another format, to change the negotiating team. And we need actors of the negotiation process, because the objects in the face puppets, they send us is not the people. It is unclear who, are mercenaries. We need people who will make decisions. Europe really ready to change the format, see if we like this format. Needs to join directly the representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States. Is the format, which can be reached some agreement. How to return the territory is a question to the Supreme leadership of the state. It was supposed to sound strategy and tactics as the return of Donbas and Crimea. In fact, the strategy and tactics are very simple: you need to restore infrastructure, you need valid methods to change the situation in the Donbas. And most importantly, we must clearly say that those who were tainted with blood should answer under the law. And all the others have full rights to live in Ukraine. People, mercenaries who are fighting there, they are not wanted. Ukraine, these freaks don’t need. Our European and American partners already know the truth. No one questions who shot down the Boeing. No one questions whether the Russian troops in the East. These questions are not worth. It is not necessary to prove it is Russian, they know that.

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– Why the army that we created, can not clean up occupied territory in the East?

– The army can MOP up. Question: at what cost? We are willing to put 5-7 thousand patriots of Ukraine in order to clear the East? Probably, from the point of view of Marshal Zhukov, easily.

– From the fact that we delay the conflict, people killed at least.

– Much less. In General, it is necessary that official bodies announced how many actually people were killed, went missing, how many crippled. Some of the data not want to sound, some afraid, and some data simply is not there. Most importantly, to clear we can. I talked to our guys that keep the arms, I spoke with someone who manages the operations, I talked with people who lead battalions, brigades. The forces we have enough. We need political will and order. Another thing is that the price of the treatment of Donbas is very high. Plus, most likely, is possible in this case, a full-scale war with Russia. It is difficult, unpleasant, but it must be admitted also. Another thing is that the Donbass only through diplomatic channels for the release is impossible, but combined – easily. It is through diplomacy and weapons we will be able to restore order there. “Never Wake a sleeping dog”, because hurt pride of the Kremlin dictator can be costly for ordinary citizens of Ukraine. Someone will Board the plane and fall down, someone will agree and become a collaborator, and many will suffer. So let’s still treat the cost of the lives of every citizen of Ukraine, as of priceless value.

– It turns out that it is here to stay, and people who are in the occupied territories and in the border areas, they are under great risk?

– Such probability too. It so happened that our neighbor is strong enough, totally inadequate and quite powerful. Therefore we have to consider all the risks. But that is no reason to give up.

– Why America and the West does not want to help us with weapons?

– This is the best answer professionals.

– If will not be voted on the draft Constitution, a new electoral law, is it conceivable that Parliament will be dissolved by the guarantor?

– This will be possible in the case that the Parliament will not work for 30 days. To do this, should the coalition fall apart, and there should be elections. But to go to the polls, you need to have a strategy for victory. Today, the guarantor has shown that he will not allow re-election. A re-election, incidentally, could benefit Ukraine. Only re-election with the new law. It is necessary, and it needs to work. This law need to not be so idiotic, as was the law on elections to local councils. This ended up sometimes from one district, district – 5-6 members, and some districts are left without their representatives in the councils.

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– Why not new laws on the status of deputies, elections, Fairgrounds, impeachment?

– The closer the election, the louder the promise that it will be done in the next Parliament. There are first reading, second reading must also be 226 votes, and then 300, because it is the constitutional changes. Deputies say that in this way they work on the procedure. By the way, the procedure in Parliament is also regularly violated.

– Why you as the Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik not filed in NABOO, when he worked as “pianists”, when violated procedure?

– NABOO is not served. There is no commercial interest, but only a procedural violation. We have the Deputy is not a defendant on this issue. Actually you can solve: vote – peregolosovyvat as long as these bastards will not cease to press on the keys. These “octopuses” have all got on really. Especially mind that those who had were Lancelot, turned into a dragon with which he fought. We see in NF regular ear.

– You have left ambitions to become mayor of Kyiv and position yourself opponent Vitali Klitschko?

Is Vitali Klitschko has positioned himself as an opponent of the people of Kiev. I was born in this city, my parents were born here, and this city I care about. I believe that anyone can be mayor, if he is willing to deal with the problems of the city and problems of citizens. But if a person does not do so, I don’t understand what goals it pursues. Probably only one: their own enrichment. Or this ambition. Both unworthy of a champion. So I want to continue working with Kyiv and Kiev are engaged in. For me it was a question not of elections, and the future of the city. I believe that the state in which is located the city, not even deplorable. This is a catastrophic condition. But the city no one does. For example, the only structure of food service establishments that pay VAT and all taxes in the city, is McDonald’s. In full, paying only McDonald’s – as a foreign company. When you go out to restaurants, look at how you give out checks. You will see that each of these checks – a private entrepreneur. Taxes go to the side. And even if will check on which will some sort of, OOO, it does not check, and precheck, which will then be torn up and voided. In the end, we learn that the restaurant (no matter who it belongs to, perhaps even the most important reformer), personal checks are absolutely not fiscal. Part of the taxes, of course, is paid, but only part. In fact it is a total problem. Total problem also in the energy market. No one involved in these issues. In 2017 Klitschko needs to terminate the contract with Kyivenergo, rather than trying now to seize control. Klitschko now looking at this company, and she clearly likes him. Apparently, appetites are growing. The information that I received, including from DTEK (and I have, and there are insiders – people who are happy to give information, hoping that something in this country will change and there will be order), says that at the moment there is a conflict between DTEK and Klitschko, and Klitschko tracks are clearly not the interests of the city of Kiev. Also he doesn’t track them at St. Michael’s square where you want the expense of the city of Kiev to build pseudosarcoma almost 900 seats. Each Parking place will cost Kyiv budget of 100 thousand dollars.

– What’s the point?

– 2.3 billion UAH, which is 8% of budget in Kiev, want to bury. At some point, when Parking is completed at 80 percent, I would say that the money ran out and all is lost. Then there will be white furry investor who declares that he will save them, but “give me a little space for a shopping center”. And the city says: “Thank you, Savior, take it.” And the Savior takes “little” areas – 90 percent – from an already built. And becomes not a Park, and shopping center with hundreds of Parking spaces for the shopping center. This “beautiful” Scam now being implemented by the city. Eugene Kuleba, the Kiev activist, is now fighting against it, has all the bells. Quite a lot of Kiev activists engaged in this, and politicians can not hear them. Help and I believe that Parking will not be there, as well as Scam. Every mayor who comes to Kiev, is trying to leave behind not a trace, and heritage. Maybe, after all, will change the tradition?

– How do you estimate the total mass of the deputies of Kyiv?

– We see how lobbying the interests of the supermarkets on the part of the owner of the network “Furshet”. We see how the developers in the face of Napapa and Mykytas lobby their interests. And we see a picture where each monitors its own segment. Going on a parity agreement I will vote for your theme, and you will vote for my. No interests of Kiev, most of them are not interested in. They covertly resolve the issues and in parallel if enough time and desire, – the questions of Kiev. It is a question not only of Kiev. The same issues exist in many cities of Ukraine.

– Who is the producer of your takeoff? Who fills of financial your projects, when you ran for mayor, etc.?

– Our campaign has been fairly limited. Most of the money in campaigns is spent on television advertising and the buying of votes. We had not bought votes, and we didn’t have no video on the TV. Before the second round of all channels, with the exception of “Gromadsky”, closed for me their esters, as I had no money. The whole campaign we had built on communication with inhabitants of Kiev. And the billboards.

Who currently funds the work of the party? Or is it virtual?

– It’s a party in the form of the volunteer movement. For a lot to develop, she needs the money. And then either the citizens of Ukraine will agree to Finance the party, and then we will see the American model, when the voters themselves vote with their money for the party.

– But you know that people are not ready for this?

– Then this people have nothing to complain about. Then the party, which will defend the interests of citizens, has no chance and the opportunity to appear in Ukraine.

– Your question?

– That you can make to leave Ukraine?

– If I lose hope. While I hope that the chance to build a strong, flourishing state left, I stay and do everything possible for this.

– That’s why I’m fighting. I had the opportunity to leave Ukraine, but I want my children to live in Ukraine. I want any children not left the Ukraine. I want to Ukraine was the future. So I’m struggling, so, too, do not leave.

Thank You, Borislav.