Braga – Shakhtar 2:4. Online Europa League match

Брага - Шахтер 2:4. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Braga vs Shakhtar: watch online broadcast of the match Shakhtar Donetsk vs Braga in the Europa League on 8 December at 20:00.

Shakhtar Donetsk will meet with the Portuguese Braga in the final match of the group stage of the Europa League.

The match will take place in Braga on the Braga municipal stadium, beginning at 18:00 Kyiv time.

Корреспондент.net will text online broadcast of the match.

The Donetsk team has already secured the first place in the group and out in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League, but Braga have yet to try to do the Portuguese need to win.

A text stream

While this European week is to Ukraine very well! Ahead, Dawn!

Next Monday Shakhtar will play against Dynamo and go on vacation.

Triumphant miner passed the group stage of the Europa League. Six games – six wins, 20 goals scored! Such a result in the history of Ukrainian football was not.

90. The end of the match.

89. GOAL!! 2:4

Really bored Shevchenko and he gave the ball to Alan, who brought already to the empty goal of vukcevich.

84.Play a team match, Braga resigned to his fate, the miner for a long time did not have, except that fifth goal.

80. And in the match Konyaspor — Ghent zeros and still Braga in second place in the standings.

Брага - Шахтер 2:4. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы


78. Kryvtsov for the first time scored two goals in the match for Shakhtar, which is not surprising, defender, after all.

74. Instead of football began some jostling. Mass distribution of yellow cards began. Out of the blue.

73. Ferreira came on for Boryachuk.

71.The judge today also for us. Could put a penalty in gate of the miner, the Turkish referee, but he did not notice the ball in hand. Strayed miners.

70. Alan is Stoiljkovich from Braga.

68. Krivtsov yellow for a foul near the penalty area.


Tyson, as the motorcycle drove away from the protection of Braga and shot!

63. The miner does not calm down and continues to attack. Braga is completely wilted.


Fred just came out – immediately gave an assist. The flow of Brazilian’s free-kick was closed by Kryvtsov. Take the Ukrainian defender.

Брага - Шахтер 2:4. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы


61. Fred comes out instead of the Tank. To maintain the shape of your releases Fonseca 30 minutes of the match.

Other leaders of the miners in Braga did not come.

57. The first replacement in the match. Bernard came on for Marlos, Braga Hassan is the font.

56. Yellow card for Tankovskiy.

55. Tyson brought Boryachuk to the punch, but he missed the goal.

54. Matvienko sliding tackle stops the counter of Braga.

47. Rui Fonte fell to the turf in the penalty area of Shakhtar in the fight against Krivtsov, but a penalty will not be back.

46. The second half started.

While the miner wins the class. Braga tries to break but Shevchenko is hard. The Portuguese need to win, so in the second half, they will certainly go ahead.

45. The end of the first half.

44. Asked for a penalty kick, the Portuguese, but the Turkish referee was against it.

43. GOAL!! 1:2

Braga one still plays. Orta has submitted from the left flank – Stoiljkovic has almost no interference. Did not understand the defenders of Shakhtar Donetsk, Shevchenko save could not.

40. Braga tries to attack, but Shakhtar scored, and it all looks visually very easily. Recall, the reserve team played the miners today.


A miner came out to the counter, Marlos, slow-paced beat several defenders of Braga and fed taison. The new captain did not miss.

36. The miners painted a beautiful attack, Matvienko had delivered a cross from the flank but his transfer no one was home.

30. The miner controls the game plays slowly.

26. Promising free-kick Braga’s nothing dangerous has not ended.


Attacked Braga and scored in the first match. After a corner Krivtsov won the air and struck Marathon. It’s simple.

19. Shevchenko is the best on the field. Again saves the team after firing the font. Good attack was held in Braga on the flank Butko.

Probably, at this point, many scouts present at the match, brought in notebooks only one name – Shevchenko.

16. While a lot of fouls in our game.

14. The first dangerous moment at Braga, Shevchenko makes a save after a long range shot. Then there was the corner, and Shakhtar didn’t counterattack.

13. Wilson Eduardo firmly struck low free-kick into the hands of Shevchenko.

11. Butko roughly elbow played against Rui Fonte.

9. In center field there is a struggle, a miner looking for ways to the gates of Braga.

6. Boryachuk were taken at the gates of Braga, but the Marathon has gone far from the gate and took the ball.

3. Braga started the match actively. Filed several corner the Portuguese, but without the dangerous moments.

1. The captain of Shakhtar in today’s game, Tyson.

The game is on!

Teams already on the field, the anthem of the Europa League. In Portugal, only 16:00, the stadium is not filled.

The average age of the starting lineup of Shakhtar today – 24 years.

The miners have long secured first place in the group, Braga in order to be second, we need to beat Shakhtar, and hope to lose Ghent

The youth of the miner there, who show their talents.

The scouts of clubs that are present on today’s match @EuropaLeague #Briesacher.

— FC SHAKHTAR DONETSK (@FCShakhtar) 8 Dec 2016

Fonseca as promised had a rotation in the squad. From the first minute appear Krivtsov, Matvienko, tank and Boryachuk.

Starting lineups

Braga: Marathon Sporting Braga’s Baiano, Rosich, Pinto, Goiano — Eduardo Chiba, Vukčević — Stoiljkovic, Fonte, Orta

Subs Not Used: Mateus, Bakich, Hassan, Javan, Benitez, Alan, George

Miner: Shevchenko — Butko, Kryvtsov, Ordets, Matvienko — Malyshev Tank — Marlos, Dentinho, Taison — Boryachuk

Subs Not Used: Kanibolotskiy, Kucher, Fred, Bernard, Kobin, Ferreira, Kovalenko

Braga +18 – the weather is wonderful.

Before the game, the miner took a walk around the city.

A warm welcome to Paulo Fonseca and team during a walk before the match #Briesacher. ?

— FC SHAKHTAR DONETSK (@FCShakhtar) 8 Dec 2016

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca has previously coached Braga.

“We have carried out the rotation in the match against Konyaspor, and the guys who were given a chance did very well. I will think who to give the opportunity to show themselves”, — said on the eve of the match Fonseca.

In the interval between the fifth and sixth rounds of the Europa League Shakhtar scored two victories in the championship of Ukraine on the Dnieper (2:0) and Steel (2:0). Meanwhile, Braga in the Portuguese championship took over Feirense (6:2) and lost to Porto (0:1).

Turkish brigade of referees headed by Ali Palabiyik serve of the match of the 6th round of the group stage of the Europa League between Shakhtar and Braga.

The miner has arrived to Portugal