Brand Heineken conducted a social experiment in Kiev

Бренд Heineken провел социальный эксперимент в Киеве

A month before the Champions League final, which will be held in Kiev on may 26, the Heineken brand to sponsor UEFA Champions League, have conducted a social experiment.

“We found that the majority of Ukrainians watching the UEFA Champions League alone, — say the representatives of Heineken. But because football is primarily emotions that are worth sharing, and thereby to increase them.” It is this assertion, the company decided to prove experimentally. “We invited real people who did not even know what will become of the study participants, and they will shoot a video for Heineken”.

In April, the Heineken team found big fans of the UEFA Champions League in Kiev — the guys from the barbershop Chop Chop — and invited them to a “team building”.

“We were told that on Monday we don’t work, and all try to team-building, says one of the participants. – Wow! It’s cool, we love hanging out together, however, usually this can be done for some reason, and then — once, and have the opportunity to get together for no particular reason. Off in the middle of the week! In short, we were behind. Everything else was a complete surprise: a huge pavilion, scientists, a lot of devices and wires. Shock! But then it was fun.”

At 11 am the Chop Chop team of 10 people brought in a special pavilion.. Children were divided into a group of six people who were together to watch the game UEFA Champions League and also take part in various activities, and four guys who are all doing the same alone. Before all participants of “team-building” connected to devices that measure the level of emotions.

In the experiment, participants were also invited to play table football, singing football “OLE-OLE-OLE” to do “Mexican wave” and many more. All this time the instrument recorded the reaction from the guys.

Scientists have recorded all the emotions of the participants, compared them and render graphics on the monitors — the peaks show the joy and excitement of children — they are clearly expressed in the results of those who watched football with his friends; a minimal passion for the game evident to those who watched the game solo.

So the Heineken brand has proved what I always believed, emotions in football is worthy to be shared with friends. This experiment and its results became the basis of the campaign TM Heineken as a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League in 2018.

The last stage “team building” for the guys from Chop Chop was the meeting with the boss and Sergei by the way, the only accomplice Heineken in the experiment. It managed one day to cancel all the entries in the barbershop and to send the command on the same “team building”.

At the end of the Heineken surprised the boys with tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final. So now they will see the brightest ones of 2018 together for the “Olympic”.

Heineken also gives you the chance to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev. To do this, until may 21 to take part in the action, because to watch the UEFA Champions League together with friends and Heineken is much more interesting.