Brawl in Mykolaiv: “idle” the patrol will be dismissed

Дебош в Николаеве: "бездействующие" патрульные будут уволены

Brawl in Nikolaev

Will be punished all involved employees of the patrol police.

Patrol police officers, who were inactive during the conflict situation in Nikolaev on the night of August 30, will be dismissed, the press service of the National police of Ukraine.

“Those crews that attended, “attended”, without resorting to no action, except collect all this dirt in our address, the police patrol the whole of Ukraine, will be dismissed permanently together with the would-be commander. This situation will be punished all the staff involved” – quoted the press service of the head of the Department of patrol police of Ukraine-Ukraine Evgeniya Zhukova.

Against the perpetrators of the incident the criminal proceedings are begun on signs of part 2 of article 296 UK of Ukraine (hooliganism) which provides punishment in the form of restriction of liberty for a term up to 5 years or deprivation of liberty for a term up to 4 years.

Police said the shooting men media

Recall the night of August 30 in Nikolaev on crossing of streets of the Cathedral and Admiral Makarov quarrel between a man and a woman on a luxury car ended in a mass brawl. A few drunken “majors” beat the taxi driver, and cursed and rushed at passers-by. Eyewitnesses called the police, arrived at the scene immediately five cars. According to witnesses, the patrol ignored the beatings, threats and insults from brawlers.

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Police said the shooting men media