Brazilian Teens tried to Rob a Chinese fencers in Rio

Бразильские подростки пытались ограбить китайских фехтовальщиц в Рио

The problem of crime before the actual start of the Olympic games

Chinese athletes are faced with a juvenile crime in Rio de Janeiro.

Fencers on the national team of China was an attempted robbery in Rio de Janeiro.

The Chinese delegation was attacked Brazilian Teens near Copacabana beach. Several Teens tried to break beads with one of the epee, however, the athlete did not panic and managed to fend off a minor bully. Soon help arrived, the other members of the team and the bandits escaped.

“I have already made several trips to Rio to compete. I am familiar with the city, but after everything that’s happened I’m scared,” said the victim Xu Yangzi.

Now in Rio de Janeiro held the Grand Prix in fencing at the headquarters, and soon will start the world Cup.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Olympic flame for the games in 2016 in Rio lit in Greece.

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