Breakaway in Antarctica iceberg predicting decades of existence

Отколовшемуся в Антарктиде айсбергу пророчат десятки лет существования

Breakaway from Antarctica giant iceberg

Breakaway from Antarctica iceberg giant can survive for decades.

Breakaway from Antarctica on Wednesday, 12 July, a giant iceberg can survive for several decades. This opinion was expressed by Professor of Swansea University, head of the Antarctic project MIDAS Adrian Luckman.

“This iceberg is one of the largest in history, and its future is difficult to predict. He can stay in one piece, but it is more likely that it will disintegrate into fragments. Some of the ice may remain in the area of the decade, other parts can drift North to warmer waters,” said the Professor.

Scientists plan to monitor the movement of the detached iceberg that began to break off from the glacier Larsen From back in 2011.

Iceberg led to the death of a population of 150 thousand penguins

As reported in the free swimming went to the block of ice with a thickness of about 200 meters and a weight of about one trillion tonnes.

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