Breaking Marriott found “Chinese footprint”

Во взломе сети Marriott нашли "китайский след"

The tools, methods and procedures previously used in attacks attributed to Chinese hackers.

Attackers hacked the computer network of the hotel group Marriott International, could gather intelligence information to China, according to Reuters.

The investigators conducting the investigation of the incident, discovered hacker tools, techniques, and procedures used in attacks attributed to Chinese hackers.

All this may indicate that the hacking was carried out by Chinese hackers, not pursuing financial interest and collecting information with the aim of spying for Beijing, the Agency said.

The Agency sources do not exclude that incident was someone else, because access hack tools has been opened, and other possible participants, and some elements were simply posted on the Internet.

Who is really behind hacking the database of a hotel chain, to find out problematic, because in computer networks Marriott in 2014 could simultaneously run several hacking groups.

Earlier it became known that these 500 million guests of Marriott International hotels around the world could be in the hands of criminals.


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