Breaking news 29 Nov: the death of the players, “Norman” negotiations and a new arch over the Chernobyl sarcophagus

Главные новости 29 ноября: Гибель футболистов, "нормандские" переговоры и новая арка над чернобыльским саркофагом

Day 29 November will be remembered another terrible crash and a new round of “Norman talks” on the Donbass, with the participation of Ministers of foreign Affairs.

In Colombia in a mountainous area near the town of La Ceja crashed the plane with members of the Brazilian soccer team “Epicoene”. The airliner was flying to the airport of Medellin (Colombia) at the first game of the final of the Copa Sudamericana with the Colombian team, “Atletico Nacional”. On Board were 72 passengers and 9 crew members, now aware of the six survivors published their names. Brazil declared three days of mourning.

Today in Minsk held a meeting of foreign Ministers in the Normandy format (Germany, Ukraine, France, Russia). Discuss the “road map” on settling the situation in Donbas, in particular, the release of the hostages, the checkpoints and the situation in Turecka, where due to the shelling for a week with no water.

Over the object “Shelter” Chornobyl NPP today recorded a new arch. Its elevation -110 m, length – 150 m, a width of 260 m and a weight of more than 31 thousand tons. The work is financed by the Chernobyl Shelter Fund, which is administered by the European Bank for reconstruction and development on behalf of international donors.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called it a historic event and said that it is the largest in the history of movable design. The EU assured that it will continue to work with Ukraine, the EBRD, the countries “Big seven” and other international donors, to successfully complete projects in Chernobyl and in other areas affected by disaster.

In Kiev today, still opened the facade of the new Theatre on the hem, around which the noise does not subside for several days. In short – many people do not like that the building is not in harmony with the ensemble of the Andriyivskyy descent and that the project was not brought up for public discussion. There are those who approve the project and accuses Kiev of snobbery and shovels. Mayor Klitchko promised not to spoil the historical face of St. Andrew’s, and on the website of the Council already there was a petition to tear down the facade.

The morning the capital was covered with snow, this was recorded on 9-point tube. Drivers asked to take public transport and not to Park on the roadside, and entrepreneurs to remove the snow around their outlets. Near the metro station “Forest” also noticed a road that was actively stacked asphalt, despite the snowstorm.