Breaking news 30 Dec: Ovidiopolska massacre, stop HMO’s and the expulsion of Russian diplomats

Главные новости 30 декабря: Овидиопольская резня, остановка ОПЗ и высылка российских дипломатов

On the penultimate day of the year, the United States and Russia were again engaged in a diplomatic confrontation, the police found “Ovidiopol butcher”, and the President endorsed several important initiatives.

In the town of Ovidiopol in Odessa 29 Dec 31-year-old man beheaded the 42-year-old woman and her 2-year-old child. Body found during fire extinguishing. Police quickly identified the identity of the offender, the region introduced a plan “Siren”. To search for the killer is expected that more than 500 law enforcement officers. Today the attacker was looking for, he also intended for the truck to enter the crowd, “to Odessa feared.”

The United States imposed additional sanctions against Russia in connection with attacks during the election campaign, in which Washington blamed Russia. Will be closed for two of Russia’s diplomatic mission in Maryland and new York, which, in the opinion of the American authorities, were used for intelligence purposes. Also from the States will receive 35 Russian diplomats (along with their families – 96 people). The Russian foreign Ministry suggested that in response to declare persona non grata of American diplomats, President Putin decided not to do so in order “not to stoop to the level of “cooking” irresponsible diplomacy.”

The Odessa portside plant, which I can’t find a buyer, temporarily suspend production due to the high price of natural gas. In a press-service of the SCR also noted that the high price of gas supplied to the plant “Naftogaz”, “not corresponding” with the prices of plant products on the world market. In addition, the Director Valery Gorbatko HMOs resigned from his post.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree №582/2016 approved a new military ID. The document spelled out that the military-issued tickets before its entry into force, are valid throughout the territory of Ukraine and cannot be exchanged for military tickets of the new sample.

The President also signed a law prohibiting the importation of books the anti-Ukrainian contents, which was voted in Parliament on December 8. The law introduced a licensing procedure for importation of books printed in Russia and imported from the territory of Russia temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Commenting on the bill, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko noted that this legal act will contribute to the development of the Ukrainian book market and protect against anti-Ukrainian propaganda from the Russian Federation. The official stressed that the law is temporary and may be cancelled in the event of termination of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the de-occupation of territories and to establish relations between the two countries.