Breaking news March 16: the Manifesto of the nationalists, the “green light” correspondence to the courts, and the explosion at the plant

Главные новости 16 марта: Манифест националистов, "зеленый свет" заочным судам и взрыв на заводе

Parliament today passed a bill that allows to judge the ex-the President Yanukovych in absentia, 3 nationalist party signed a Manifesto on the common objectives, the European Commission approved the allocation of Ukraine tranche in the amount of 600 million euros. Read more about these and other events of the day in the traditional review.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted on second reading and in General bill No. 5610 on amendments to the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine. It will allow absentia to judge former President Viktor Yanukovych and to give the course a number of cases. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that if the deputies did not vote for this bill, more than 800 cases of conviction which are in the pre-trial investigation of the GPU, would be closed, and cases that have already been sent to the court, would not be there considered.

Three nationalist parties – “Svoboda”, “Right sector” and “national building” signed a Manifesto and agreed to act in unison to achieve common goals. In the National Manifesto States that its signatories advocate the formation of a Baltic-black sea Union, the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia, the return of Ukraine’s nuclear status, securing the right to the free possession of weapons, introduction of effective procedure of impeachment of the President, the creation of a single local Church centered in Kiev.

The European Union and several countries in Asia banned the import of poultry from Ukraine. Refers to restrictions on the import of poultry and poultry products from Ukraine to Hong Kong, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

The European Commission approved the allocation of Ukraine the second tranche of macro-financial assistance in the amount of 600 million euros; the flow of funds is expected in late March.

President Petro Poroshenko today introduced two of yesterday’s NSDC decision of banning the movement of goods across the line of contact in Donbass and sanctions against banks with Russian capital.

In France today there was just two of emergency: the Paris-based lender sent the parcel, which exploded and wounded one person, and in Grasse 17-year-old started shooting was in the Lyceum people and injured 8 people. The police assumes that there is one suspect and are looking for him.

At the “Zaporozhkoks” there was an explosion of tanks with gas without combustion, resulting in four people were killed. Three, one in the ambulance.

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