Breaking news March 22: Banned Samoylova, shooting in London and searches in “Kievavtodor”

Главные новости 22 марта: Невъездная Самойлова, стрельба в Лондоне и обыски в "Киевавтодоре"

In London took place the shooting incident, which has already qualified as a terrorist attack: the information is fragmented but it is known that there are victims, and the attacker is shot. Other important news: Julia Samoylova, most likely, will not come to Kiev to the Eurovision song contest, since it denied entry to Ukraine. However the organizers are still hoping for a compromise. About other events of the day in the traditional review.

SBU thought long and decided not to let the contestant from Russia Julia Samoylova in Kyiv to participate in the Eurovision song contest. The singer with disabilities, which was annexed to the Crimea, banned entry for three years. Russia has already called the decision “cynical and inhuman”, and also proposed permanently to refuse participation in the Eurovision song contest if the organizers will not affect the decision of Ukraine. In the European broadcasting Association said that respect for the Ukrainian laws, but I am very sorry and will continue the dialogue.

Near the building of the British Parliament, an incident occurred with the shooting. First car on Westminster bridge drove into the crowd, injuring several people. One woman died. Subsequently, in the yard of the Parliament broke armed with a knife man, stabbed the police, after which he was shot. While it is not known whether the driver and the attacker are one and the same person. Police tentatively investigating the incident as a terrorist attack.

In “Kievavtodor” today, were searched on suspicion of officials in the theft of hundreds of millions of hryvnia. Field investigators of SBU documented that the leaders of “kievavtodor” in collusion with the merchants during the tenders purchased the materials at a greatly inflated price. Then the money was transferred to dummy company, were transferred to cash and appropriated.

The security officers and fighters of “alpha” detained 9 members of the network of agents of Russian special services. The group’s objective was to gather information on infrastructure in the South of Ukraine, preparation of acts of terrorism and sabotage. Leader and coordinator of this network was appointed by the Russian intelligence services the woman-the agent, the Governor. Also in the criminal group included as active military personnel and soldiers discharged, but who had many contacts.

In Russia have forbidden to transfer money to Ukraine using foreign payment systems as a response to imposed sanctions against six popular Russian payment systems. The state Duma decided that in case of introduction of a foreign state prohibitions in the area of payment systems, operators of which was CBR, the cross-border transfer from Russia to the territory of this state can only be carried out by the operator, which is controlled by Russian legal entities. These rules will apply to transfers without opening a Bank account.

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