Breast for but Father. Lukashenko’s visit to Ukraine

Грудь для Бацьки. Визит Лукашенко в Украину

What was agreed in Kiev, the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus.

Ukraine with official visit the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. But discussing all the antics of Femen activists, who showed their Breasts in the presidential administration building and chanted slogans “long live Belarus”.

During the meeting, Lukashenko became the head of the state border service Viktor Nazarenko.

What else happened during the leader’s visit to Belarus?

Cooperation on the border

Lukashenka said he hoped to improve his country’s cooperation with Ukraine.

“We are far from the previous achievements of the Ukrainian-Belarusian cooperation, when the annual turnover was almost $ 8 billion… the co-chairs of the joint intergovernmental Commission assured us that within two years we will reach this level, and maybe exceed,” – said the Belarusian leader.

“Today we have agreed on the creation of new cooperative enterprises in various sectors… I Think today’s meeting will give new impetus to our economic cooperation,” he said.

Lukashenko said that there are thousands of items of goods that Ukraine and Belarus can co-occur and sell tractors, combines, elevators, etc.

He also called for cooperation of the regions of Belarus and Ukraine in the context of decentralization.

“We agreed to organize this cooperation. The first interregional forum will be held in Gomel, the second will be in Ukraine in the homeland of Mr. Zubko because it is directly responsible for cooperation with Belarus on the Ukrainian side,” – said Lukashenko.

According to him, the two leaders agreed on the approaches to the further development of cross-border cooperation.

“Signed a number of documents regarding the cooperation in spheres of culture,” the Belarusian leader reminded.

“I am confident that today’s agreement will contribute to the dynamic development of the two countries, strengthening friendship between our peoples,” he added.

Though Belarus does not attack

According to Poroshenko, his Lukashenko assured that Belarus will never be used for aggressive actions against Ukraine.

“Today, I once again received assurances from you, Mr President, coterritorial friendly to Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus will never be used against Ukraine and the Ukrainian-Belarusian border will never be a border war,” – said Poroshenko.

News of Donbass

Lukashenka requested that the Belarusian humanitarian aid went to Eastern Ukraine without intermediaries.

“Today we talked a lot about cooperation in the interests of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. We supply humanitarian aid to these areas. We would like to work there without any intermediaries and at the shortest path. Asked Peter, if there is interest of some sort and we will match humanitarian convoys, so we did it together,” – said Lukashenko.

“People-in fact our, we have nothing to share. And I am grateful to the President and his colleagues, who agreed to this step. We your people to help,” he said.

Its position on the conflict in the Donbas, Lukashenko said: “I never set a goal to get ahead of ourselves or rush ahead of yourself like we have in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus say. I did, do and will do only what I asked the two presidents”

“I was instructed by Mr Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin to arrange the meeting in Minsk told me how to do it, I did it. No complaints,” he said.

“Then Peter asked me for the contact group: “I want it to be in Minsk will be able to do it, do it, please.” I made no claims”, – said the Belarusian President.

He remembered that even before the “good friend” Alexander Turchinov led the negotiations: “it Was raised by 5-7 questions that he put before me. And today I’m publicly on the talks said, “I have fulfilled what I promised?”. He says: “More than”.

“This will continue. All that will charge me two of the President, more than anyone involved in this conflict, we, Belarusians, will do. We do not claim any laurels. What could be laurels when people are dying?”, – said Lukashenko.

“You, Ukrainians, should know that you have close relatives who live just North of you, but no different from you. If you find it difficult – as best we can, we will help,” he said.

Without question

Meeting Poroshenko and Lukashenko and their statements to the media, ended without talking to the press.

Journalists had to wait two presidents about two hours, and when you consider the request of AP to come to the event for an hour, almost three hours. However, the representatives of the media and not given the opportunity to ask a question.

Before leaving Poroshenko with Lukashenko employees of the press service of the Ukrainian President warned journalists that ask questions journalists will not at the request of the Belarusian side. In addition, journalists are unable to ask their questions and after the meeting.

But Femen

Solemn meeting of the President of Ukraine and President of Belarus tried to disrupt a woman who showed her Breasts in the Administration building and chanted “long live Belarus!”.

It immediately grabbed by the guards and brought from the hall of solemn events of the AP.

Agalena of Janina viagla peyrade to Lukashenka and Prashantam s nadpis “long live Belarus” on the grudzi.

— Radio Svaboda (@svaboda) on July 21, 2017

The woman’s name is Angelina Diaz, she’s a Femen activist. This organization is known that during the rallies girls naked Breasts and shouting any slogans. Usually the actions of Femen are classified as “radical exhibitionism.” But participants noted that the fight for women’s rights. However, they very often interfered in politics.


Грудь для Бацьки. Визит Лукашенко в Украину


Angelina Dias in Mezhyhirya

Rushed bare chest they are on Vladimir Putin.

Грудь для Бацьки. Визит Лукашенко в Украину



The Femen movement believe that Ukraine should not take President”dictator” Alexander Lukashenko.

“As a country, in which hundreds of people died for freedom and democracy, can accept the dictator. In addition to our action of protest against the dictatorship in Belarus’s Lukashenka’s revenge for the kidnapping of our activists in Minsk in 2011,” explained the campaign, the founder of the movement Femen Anna Hutsol.

Why come?

Political analyst Taras Berezovets believes that Lukashenko is afraid of a coup in their country.

“September 14 will start a joint Belarusian-Russian military exercises Zapad 2017, who are extremely concerned about NATO and Ukraine. And at least they care about the most, Alexander. Because for the first time in 23 years tenure is not the father of the Belarusian people confidence that it will meet the 24th year in office. Instincts suggest that the course of events may accelerate against the will of Lukashenko”, – said the analyst.

In his words, cleansing in the apparatus of the defense Ministry and KGB of Belarus Pro-Russian officers are supposed to calm Lukashenko, but that did not happen.

“The truth is that Lukashenka does not trust Putin and not to the end controls what happens in its territory, including most of these military exercises. Putin does not need to unleash a hybrid operation on the territory of Belarus. Why, if the local military and security forces easily take control? It is enough to remove just one piece. And put in its place local Zakharchenko or Plotnitsky. And then from 6 regions just to do 6 subjects of the Russian Federation,” – says Berezovets.

Diplomat Volodymyr Ohryzko has said that the meeting Poroshenko and Lukashenko in the first place was important for economic relations between the two countries. “Because in political or military-political issues, because of the position of Moscow Minsk to make his own can not do anything and will not do,” he said.