Britain will send to Ukraine the Marines

Великобритания отправит в Украину морскую пехоту

Williamson, during a trip to the Donbass

Next year Britain will expand its presence in the Black sea, said the Minister of defence of the country.

UK in 2018 will send to Ukraine forces, Royal Marines, and in 2019 it will expand its presence in the Black sea. This was during a visit to Ukraine, said British defense Secretary Gavin Williamson, reports The Daily Telegraph.

“We will expand our efforts to educate and support the Royal Navy and Marines, making sure that the Ukrainian Navy and the Ukrainian armed forces possess the skills and technical capabilities in order to counter these growing threats,” the Minister said.

“Our commitment is unwavering. As long as there is a danger, we will support you. Safer than you are here, the safer we are in the UK,” added Williamson.

However, he stressed the importance that the United Kingdom and Ukraine share “common values” and are willing to fight for them. In particular, they talked about a rules-based international order, which, in the Minister’s opinion, Russia does not comply.

As reported, during the visit to Ukraine Williamson met with President Petro Poroshenko, with whom he discussed military cooperation between Ukraine and the UK.

The British Minister also visited the Donbass.


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