British Airways called the cause of failure in the system

В British Airways назвали причину сбоя в системе

System crashes British Airways has caused chaos in British airports

Chaos in the airports caused by the mistake of the engineer.

Holding IAG, which owns British Airways, has confirmed that the cause of the failure in the computer system of British Airways, which affected thousands of passengers, was the human factor.

As stated by the head of IAG Willie Walsh, the failure was not the fault of the engineer, who shut off power to one of the major repositories of information on British Airways, and then incorrectly plugged it back in. The system was broken, and in order to restore it, it took time.

“I quite understand how you can mistakenly turn off the power. I absolutely do not understand how you can make a mistake, re-connecting power,” said Walsh at the international conference of workers in the industry of civil aviation in Mexico.

The company will conduct an internal investigation to “learn from mistakes,” added Walsh.

Informed that the failure could be human error, reported by the media, citing official email fell into the hands of journalists.

“This led to a complete shutdown of the facility from electrical installations including backup power generators and batteries. In a few minutes the system was re-enabled, but improperly, leading to physical damage of the system and greatly complicated the problem,” – said in the text of the letter.

We will remind, on may 27, British Airways has cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick because of the massive failure that affected about 75 thousand people. To fully restore the functioning of computer systems was only Tuesday, may 30.