British criticism about the fourth season of “Sherlock”: the Transformation of a detective sociopath in bond

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The fourth season of “Sherlock” is one of the most controversial and the scenario, and the question of the relationship of the script with the original, and the output of the last episode and is accompanied by scandal almost on the international level.

The opinions of the spectators were divided – some say that “Sherlock” is not the same” and the other the fourth season even liked it. Critics also ambiguous, and the work of producers and writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat is regarded by critics almost under a microscope. Especially in the British press, after all, there is Sherlock Holmes - not just a part of the literary heritage of the country, and the symbol, landmark, moved from the pages of popular stories on Baker street 221b, although in times of creativity of Arthur Conan Doyle such a house existed, and he appeared as the Museum-apartment of detective after eager to help the British began to send tons of letters to a fictional detective.

So how does the British press about the last episode of the fourth season?

Promophoto of the series “Sherlock”


Theatre critic mark Lawson in his column, as befits a political publication, did not hesitate to recall Donald trump, linking the figure of the elected President of the United States, whose inauguration will take place on Friday, and Sherlock Holmes from the popular series. How? Yes and he and the other were compromised by Russian hackers.

Or rather, dubbed in Russian language the final episode of “Sherlock” appeared on torrent trackers 24 hours before the live broadcast on the Central Russian channels. “So obedient members of the electorate Theresa may at 22.30 on Sunday found out what was available for the electorate of Vladimir Putin for some time,” writes Lawson.

Promophoto of the series “Sherlock”

A critic recalled that even with the release of the first episode in the direction Gatiss and Moffat were accused that they, shoot “more bond than Holmes,” and hardly after the third episode of the charges will subside, because what is happening is damn similar to the events in “the Man with the Golden gun” of James Bond.

But the image of EVR critic writes that it is not so far from the plot, as it may seem at first glance. The authors just realized the same fear Dulevskogo Holmes “to meet the enemy, his equal in their intellectual abilities”.

Shooting went well with the known scale directed by Ben Caron, the picture is exquisite and delicate, incredibly luxurious details such as violins Sherlock and EVR at the end of the series.

Promophoto of the series “Sherlock”

Lawson not sure that came out the season will be the last, because the main reason for the stop of the series called not loss of interest, and a tight schedule of the actors who perform the main roles, although their contracts require, and the fifth and sixth seasons. And reserve for return authors have left – about-go-go.


After the premiere of the third episode, Gatiss and Moffat gave a press conference where he summed up his own end of the fourth season, it is their words bases his material Nancy Tartaglione. That is, as they say, what did the author want to say.

Separately Gatiss and Moffat to touch on several key transformations in Sherlock for this series. First, Sherlock is aware that he is smarter than Mycroft, and not because of his intellect, but because of the emotional connections that he gained through established relations with the outside world. Secondly, one of the most outstanding scenes of the authors referred to a dialogue between Sherlock and Molly, when Sherlock stepped over themselves, saying what to say to him earlier had neither the strength nor the desire.

EVR Holmes (Sian Brooke)


But the DailyMail started looking for Easter eggs in the montage at the end of the third episode, carefully reviewing frame by frame. Steph Cockroft recommends a closer look at the Viking on the floor of the apartment on Baker street, played by the famous UK musician Paul Weller, a good friend of Martin Freeman, who played Dr. Watson.

Still noticed: the parents of Sherlock and Mycroft EVR played the parents of Benedict Cumberbatch, the real, the Palace Rathbone, from which jump out Sherlock and Watson, too, is not accidental – the actor who starred as Sherlock Holmes in one of the first adaptations of a series of detective stories, his name is Basil Rathbone. Thank Cockroft for the observation.

The parents of Benedict Cumberbatch Timothy Carlton and Wanda Vetham in the third episode of the fourth season of “Sherlock”


A leading British tabloid with the heat from the heat explores whether the fifth season, and whether or not the reason for not shooting a load of actors.

Tabloid sources claim that the relationship between Cumberbatch and Freeman is “cool” they are, to put it mildly, “not comrades.” And Moffat informed and completely stated that the return of the series entirely depends on these two people. The rest, they say, always ready.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

British critics agree on one thing – the audience of “Sherlock” in the UK on Sunday evening was 6.2 million people, and is one of the coolest indicators for British series, and if continued will be, it is sure to attract attention and, perhaps, even wider than the already shown episodes. Because there will be a new main villain, because the “Last thing” solved. Although the contract of Andrew Scott who played Jim Moriarty, was signed for six seasons.