British scientists said, when the robots can capture people

Британские ученые рассказали, когда роботы могут захватить людей

Experts believe that artificial intelligence will reach a critical level of development is already half a century.

Scientists from the British company Markit IHS sure that in 50 years robots could attack humans. It is reported by the Express.

Robotics has recently developed too quickly. It will provoke neural networks and machine learning.

With the pace in 50 years robots will be able to calculate all of everyday human actions. Theoretically, this could lead to the fact that robots will become the dominant species.

Scientists believe that half a century robotics can so to develop that some people’s actions will be perceived as hostile. To predict the behavior of robots in such cases is almost impossible.

Previously in China, engineers have created a robot-spider. It was also reported that the robot-courier Amazon started to deliver the purchase.

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