British triathlete more than a kilometer ran with the bike on the back

Британский триатлонист больше километра пробежал с велосипедом на спине

Jonathan Brownlee

Jonathan Brownlee showed good results despite the difficulties during the race.

British triathlete Jonathan Brownlee showed a desire to finish at the World series triathlon.

Almost a mile before the end of the second stage (melodically), Brownlie broke his bike on the curb trying to avoid a collision with another rider.

Then on the bike to move was impossible, because the steering wheel and the front wheel of the bike looked in different directions, but athlete is not out of the race, and carried the broken bike more than a kilometer to the end of the stage, then continued distance and eventually finished 42-M.

One thing is for sure, the Brownlees never give up! @jonny_brownlee carries his bike after a crash in #WTSYokohama

— World Triathlon (@worldtriathlon) may 13, 2017

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