Broken telescope found 44 new exoplanets

Сломанный телескоп нашел 44 новые экзопланеты

Telescope, broken in 2013, joined and transferred the data about the dozens of earth-like planets.

Scientists using the Kepler telescope broken found 44 previously unknown exoplanets. All cosmic bodies of professionals have learned over time with the telescope.

Kepler observed the cosmos in search of exoplanets for almost ten years, but due to a technical failure the engineers lost control of it in 2013, according to Newsweek.

Recently, the telescope “out of hibernation” and started to send the collected years of information. 44 among the finds is a planet very similar to Earth in size.

Such a large number of planets over time, astronomers are discovering for the first time. Previously been able to access no more than a dozen celestial bodies.

Total for all time of its work, the Kepler telescope found the planets 2600. This clearly proves that in the milky way galaxy planets more than stars.

On the eve of the telescope TESS accidentally shot the flight of the comet is Also the Correspondent wrote that the Japanese probe was removed asteroid Ryugu close

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