Brother Kaskiv will find through Interpol

Брата Каськива будут разыскивать через Интерпол

Obvineniy act against Vladislav Kaskiv in court, now looking for his brother

Kaciceva Alexander, brother of the former head of the State Agency for investment and national projects of Ukraine has assigned a “red card”.

Interpol declared wanted by the brother of the former head of the State Agency for investment and national projects of Ukraine Vladyslav Kaskiv Alexander. On Wednesday, March 13, according to Word and deed with reference to the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office.

It is noted that Ukraine will seek the arrest and extradition of Alexander Kaskiv.

According to the interlocutor in the EPS he was given a “red card”, which informed the countries-signatories of the European Convention on extradition.

September 10, 2018 National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) reported on the search for the brother of the former head of the Gosinvestproekta Kaskiv, the suspect in criminal proceedings on the fact of embezzlement of funds of the State Agency for investment and national projects of Ukraine SOE State-owned investment company in the amount of UAH 259,2 million.

Alexander Kaskiv, born in 1984, is suspected of committing a crime provided by article about the complicity of misappropriation, waste of property or mastering by it by abuse of official position (part 3 of article 27, part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal code of Ukraine)

According to NABU, in the case of embezzlement of funds of the state Agency for investments appear brother and cousins Vladislav Kaskiv.

21 June 2018, the detectives NAB detained a cousin Kaskiv Alexander Matkovsky. He was notified on suspicion in crime.

On the same day was notified of the suspicion, the brother of the former head of the state Agency for investments which were outside of Ukraine.

According to NABU, in 2012 from the state budget of Ukraine allocated over UAH 500 million for the implementation of several national projects, including the project Quality water, providing for the establishment in major cities of the country of vending machines for bottling drinking water, and Olympic hope-2022, which was supposed to be built infrastructural facilities for the Winter Olympic games in Ukraine.

However, due to theft in 2012-2014 259,2 million UAH from UAH 500 million allocated to these projects were not implemented. According to investigators, budget funds were redirected to the accounts of affiliated non-resident companies registered in Cyprus. In the future, the participants of the corrupt scheme distributed funds among themselves.

In General, a crime is currently suspected of nine people.

The ex-head Gosinvestproekta Kaskiv was declared internationally wanted on suspicion of misappropriation in 2012 in collusion with other persons by means of the state budget of Ukraine amounting to about 7.5 million. 8 Sep 2016 became known about the arrest in Panama Kaskiv. He was later extradited from Panama to Ukraine. The court chose the measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of two months with the possibility of making 160 thousand UAH Deposit. The necessary amount was made immediately.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine of 15 December 2017 completed a pre-trial investigation and sent to court the indictment against Vladislav Kaskiv.


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