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The authors section I – Reporter discuss the Minsk agreement, the anniversary of Chernobyl and it Schuster.

Kiev continues to insist on placing in the Donbas the so-called police of the OSCE mission, said the material Which “armed contingent” expects Poroshenko.

“It is worth noting that the activities of the Special monitoring of the OSCE mission does not imply the presence of weapons among its observers. In addition the OSCE has not, and never was military police, what they have repeatedly officially stated. But Poroshenko continues to insist on the introduction of “armed police mission of the OSCE.” Among other things, from the lips of the President of Ukraine was the claim that Russia allegedly already agreed to the deployment of armed police mission of the OSCE in the Donbass. But, it is worth to note that according to their old traditions, the Ukrainian President, to put it mildly, FIB and wishful thinking. After announcing the imminent entry of armed mission, Poroshenko did not bother to consult with representatives of the “republics”, and without their consent, such changes of the Minsk format is simply impossible that confirms and Russia. Otherwise, such unilateral decision of Kiev will have a detrimental effect on the negotiating process and in the future, instead of a peaceful settlement can seriously destabilize the situation in the Donbas,” – said the author.

Foreign Ministers of France and Germany have scheduled a meeting, which purpose — to remind Kiev of its obligations under the Minsk agreement, reported in the material Recipe for Kiev.

“Based on information about the upcoming meeting, France and Germany will try to break the deadlock Minsk process. Convened the “Norman four” to remind the parties of their obligations, and it is no secret that the more it deals with the obligations of Kiev. Indeed, despite numerous calls of the guarantor countries, Ukraine still has not taken a single step in regard to the implementation of the Minsk agreements – is not adopted the law on local elections in the Donbass, and not amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, scheduled to be announced Amnesty, etc.. In Europe yet continue to hope that in connection with the change of the composition of the Ukrainian government, Poroshenko finally be able to soon start doing their part of obligations under the Minsk agreements. You can-he can, but here you want – that is the question,” the author writes.

A number of public figures from different countries of the world signed the petition, which asked the UN to investigate the tragedy in Odessa on 2 may 2014, said in a blog on the subject.

“A petition signed by more than 140 community leaders from the United States, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Finland, India and transferred to the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington. What is even more interesting, a significant portion of supporters of the investigation are U.S. citizens. In particular, the petition was signed by the U.S. attorney Ramsey Clark and several other prominent and influential Americans. The document notes that on 21 March in Geneva at the meeting of the UN Committee on human rights of the victims ‘ families and survivors have been asked to investigate the tragic events of 2 may 2014, during which 48 people died.

The authority of the international community – if not directly, then indirectly influence the objective investigation and prosecution and punishment of perpetrators. However, it is clear that this investigation is not in the interests of the Ukrainian leadership. The so-called investigation, which for the past two years allegedly has been held in Ukraine, aimed solely at delaying the process and rubbing any evidence,” – says the author.

President Petro Poroshenko once again pushing on human grief and practiced in the anti-Russian rhetoric, I’m sure the author of the blog the Chernobyl speculation.

“Speaking on the anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant Poroshenko called the crash the greatest test of Ukraine between world war II and today’s Russian aggression”. In his speech, the President said that overcoming the consequences of catastrophe at nuclear power plant Kiev authorities need huge amounts of money. The President has complained that now the state has to spend a fifth of the defense budget.

The bogey of Poroshenko waving at every opportunity. It can be understood, it is easier to blame all the troubles on mythical threat. There is cause again to beg money. Meanwhile, to the mournful date of the tragedy at the nuclear power plant the President should stick to his decision to deny benefits to Chernobyl. Happy 17 March 2016, passed a law partially restored the benefits vouchers for treatment of victims, guarantees, annual medical examinations and treatment of children of liquidators. The document also abolished the regulations on limiting the size of pensions for workers of Chernobyl. But the President vetoed the law. Motivated by the fact that this additional expenditure from the state budget,” the author writes.

The fact that Europe is tired of Ukraine and the increasingly experiencing irritation from the frills of the Kiev authorities, not long ago is no secret to anyone, according to the author of the blog the Minsk agreement are broken by the fault of Kiev.

“Even more dramatic statement to the address of the current Ukrainian government came from Paris. They are confident that the Minsk agreements are broken it is the fault of Kiev, unable to carry out constitutional reform and hold elections in the Donbass. On elections in the Donbass rumor has been going for over a year. They then announce, then cancel, then re-assign a new date. Sometimes it seems that they are never destined to take place. Each time the Ukrainian side is dreaming up new excuses to disrupt the vote. All this looks like a blatant sabotage of Kiev. The situation came to a standstill.

Roughly election to be held on 24 July. In Minsk from 20 April resumed the negotiations of the contact group. But representatives of the Ukrainian authorities continue to demonstrate an unwillingness constructive dialogue, inventing cockamamie excuses and exposing the impossible demands,” the author writes.

Savik Shuster was expelled from Ukraine. It is difficult even to imagine that this happened during the “dictator” Yanukovych, writes in his blog the politician Vladimir Oleynik.

“At the slightest attempt to infringe upon a journalist all “democratic” community was getting on its hind legs. Poroshenko even life promised to give, if only the program Shuster was on the air, assured of the commitment to freedom of expression.

And today the program Schuster was removed from the key TV channels, “unleashed” at the Studio checks now pass to the last stage of the dictatorship, and everyone is silent!

In fact, Schuster is reaping fruits of rampant democracy, which he staged in his Studio during Euromaidan. Sauce revolution, he was silent about garbage lustration, incitement of ethnic hatred, he never complied with the parity of opinions in the Studio for 2-3 regionals had a dozen “patriots”. It brought to power those who hate him today,” – said Oleynik.

A year ago, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a number of laws on de-communization of Ukraine, according to the material Decommunization not the whole country.

“The implementation of the Law on de-communization requires serious expenses. According to the information of the Kyiv city Council, the price for one of the new signs with the name of the street costs the budget of 1200 USD. In General, according to experts, the renaming of cities and streets will cost Ukraine 5 billion hryvnia. The question is, really not much more to spend taxpayers ‘ money?

Meanwhile, despite the public fighting “patriots” with the Soviet past, Ukrainians are not ready to give up habits. Souvenirs with the symbols of communism are sold openly, even in Kiev. So, at the kiosk in the railway station the cap with the hammer and sickle and the inscription “USSR” can be bought for 250 USD. Military fur hat with a star, hammer and sickle on the famous Andriyivskyy descent is 1500 USD. the Soviet caps are sold here at 500-1000 USD. The Soviet banner and t-shirts are sold in 300 – 1000 UAH. Destroyed monuments of Lenin, too, in price. In the Kyiv region for the bronze leader asking $15 thousand. However, while fans of the leader willing to buy his bronze copy for the price in the impoverished Ukraine was not,” the author writes.