Browse blogs: the dispossessed go to the army

What readers write Корреспондент.net about current events in the country.

In Odessa on private homes began to appear signs with the address on the Georgian language to the bandits and thieves. About it writes local lawyer Svetlana Timoshenko. “Irrepressible Odesa to even such a complex and dangerous situation came up with his world-famous, flavor of Odessa”, – says the author.

Decommunization substitutes for reality, I’m sure the blogger Bogdan Shevchenko. “launching the mechanism of diversion of the population from the real problems he competed with windmills and their history,” says the author.

In his opinion, the government pushes vulnerable people to the only place where they feed and pay the army. “Social crime is likely to continue to rise as prospects for economic growth in Ukraine at the moment is not expected. And thus, purely of applicants for service in the ATO will only increase,” – says Shevchenko.

Due to the fact that economic indicators have fallen sharply, the volume of production and trade rapidly decreased, respectively, decreased contributions to the Pension Fund. “As a result there is no money left,” says journalist Ivan Sirko.

He also talks about the requirements of Kiev to enter the contingent of the OSCE in the Donbass: “Kiev’s Actions are designed to tighten and actually disrupt the Minsk agreement, where the political part, without which it is impossible to resolve the conflict in the Donbass depends on the specific actions of the Ukrainian authorities”.

The next negotiations Norman Quartet once again proved that behind the empty rhetoric of the President of Ukraine once again tries to win time, only by demonstrating a willingness to fulfill its commitments. This writes blogger Olesya Kosenko. She believes that today “it is the last chance for Kiev to recover and to begin execution of the Minsk-2”.

Talking about the military doctrine of Ukraine, the blogger Valerian Pidmohylny said: “She still, like all previous plans Poroshenko, is reduced to a single objective – to beg money from the West for all new and emerging threats. Poroshenko needs the money and the opportunity to cash in on imaginary reforms.”