Browse blogs: Ukrainians are willing to compromise with Donbass

The authors section I – Reporter discuss the situation in the Donbas and Minsk agreement.

The report of the special monitoring mission regarding shelling Yelenovka and death due to his four civilians clearly stated that the attack the checkpoint was conducted from heavy artillery from the South-West direction, writes in his blog the politician Vladimir Oleynik.

“Maintaining a constant hotbed of war and shooting allows the Kiev authorities to increase the military budget. Poroshenko enterprises largely switched to the manufacture of weapons, in particular, grenade launchers and armored vehicles. In addition, the war can be attributed to everything – rates, and poverty, and corruption, and even offshore. Blame Putin and the so-called ATO. And so this fire is not extinguished, they throw logs, as was the case with the shelling Yelenovka.

The speakers APU give distorted data and argue that there is no war. But the real fighting is going on, the anti-terrorist operation can’t last 2 years – there is a real civil war,” – said Oleynik.

The visit to Ukraine of assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland discusses the author of the blog on this topic.

“In short, the statement Nuland can be expressed in a few words: Kyiv to perform the Minsk agreement before the end of 2016, they have no alternative. Point. It feels forced to surrender, although it is clear that the US is not going to abandon the Ukraine. Then what are seeking Washington? Expert opinions on the subject were divided. Some believe these statements the positive outcome of the negotiations between the US and Russia, others urge careful so reassuring statements of Victoria Nuland, as they may be just playing to the audience,” the author writes.

In Ukraine there are mass attacks on priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate on the part of the radicals, as well as the persecution of the clergy by the security services, according to the author of the blog Attacks on UOC in Ukraine.

“Most Ukrainian nationalists concerned about the overwhelming presence of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine. After all, according to approximate data, more than 70% of Ukrainians are Orthodox parishioners of the Moscow Patriarchate precisely, and only about 25% prefer the so-called Kiev Patriarchate. Therefore, the main goal of the nationalists and filaretovtsev – to break the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to many experts and clergy, the President’s statement about the unification of the churches could ignite a serious religious conflict. As you know, the “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko at the time, was anathematized and excommunicated from the Russian Orthodox Church. In our days he has repeatedly and publicly called for a war with Russia. And, to put it mildly, not everyone in Ukraine for the soul,” the author writes.

Ukrainian security forces mined the surrounding area in the areas of border crossing points, argues in his blog one of the users.

“All these actions are deliberate attempts by the Ukrainian authorities to complicate the situation on the contact line, is another way to tighten the blockade and to make the lives of the people of Donbass unbearable.

More and more tightened blockade, Kiev “cares” about the safety and convenience of local residents of Donbass, hypocritically broadcasting on television that the Ukrainian authorities hope to return under their “maternity care” Ukrainian people of Donbass,” writes the author.

The implementation of the Minsk agreements are concerned, it seems that everyone except the authorities of Ukraine. Already the US State Department is not simply connected, and strongly demanded to comply with them in all points, writes the author of the blog on this topic.

“The American voter, koi are able to ask questions and to ask the authorities (not by chance all the decisions in the United States carefully argue through the media), the question may arise: but what was all this performance, if basic problems are not solved for years? Pay a visit to Kiev by assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland and talked seriously with the authorities of the Square.

But it is the desire to beg, and not to seek a way out of the situation in recent years more and more angry curators of Kiev. The visit of Nuland and her statement is very revealing in this respect. Kiev authorities are waiting for real steps, and if Petro Poroshenko once again ignore the very clear message, he runs the risk in the near future to start the process that initiated the Maidan two years ago,” – says the author.

Sensational and encouraging data obtained during the survey of Ukrainians demonstrate clearly that the clouding from the majority of the population passed, and they are willing to compromise with Donbass, writes the author of the blog 87% of Ukrainians consider it necessary to Minsk-2.

“So, the vast majority of Ukrainians do not want war, are willing to compromise with the Donbas and the implementation of the Minsk agreements. It is a pity that in today’s Ukraine, the people’s opinion depends nothing. With the current composition of the Verkhovna Rada to implement the points of the Minsk agreements will be extremely difficult – the “war hawks” are not going to retreat and continue their aggressive rhetoric and whipping up hysteria. Kiev authorities categorically not configured to a peaceful solution,” – said the author.