Browse blogs: US preparing sanctions against Kiev

The authors section I – Reporter may 9 to discuss the verdict to the journalist Kotsaba and resignation in Saakashvili’s team.

Why Kyiv court failed to recognize the fact of “Russian aggression”, asks the author of the blog the Claim of don Quixote against the windmills.

“About the so-called “Russian aggression” for more than two years shouting all Ukrainian politicians, although no more or less reliable facts and evidence of the invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine and have not been granted. It is understandable – very difficult to prove something that does not exist in reality. And if before the attack repeatedly and categorically refuted by the Russian Federation, today the Ukraine at the official level has refused to recognize the so-called “Russian aggression”.

In Kiev was held a hearing at which judges will decide whether attacked by Russia on Ukraine or not. In the end yesterday after almost two years of negotiation, the Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev refused to recognize the fact of aggression of Russia against Ukraine,” – writes the author.

The farther, the more obvious it becomes that the West is disappointed by the Ukrainian authorities, said the material In the West was disappointed in Poroshenko.

“Sensible politicians in the EU are already beginning to indicate outright failure of the policy of Brussels in Ukraine. Especially painful are these the statements of British policy in the light of the impending in this country a referendum on whether to stay UK in the EU. So Boris Johnson, who until recently held a post of the mayor of London, directly accused the EU at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

Unhappy with the way events develop in Ukraine, not only in the EU but also in USA. In the end, threatened the career of one of the main “architects of euromaidan” – the American Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt. The change of the US Ambassador to the Ukraine thing is very revealing. Then where to send the former Ambassador – a sign, are you satisfied with his work. For a diplomat of such rank as Payette sending to Athens is by far link. Greece is small, poor and insignificant member of the EU. All questions are decided in Brussels. For Payette is a definite “downgrade”. That is to say, “neud” for work done in recent months in Kiev work,” – said the author.

How was Victory Day in Ukraine, writes the author of the blog on this topic.

“The Ukrainians on this day was forbidden to wear St. George ribbon, to go to the celebration with a banner of Victory, and also broke with the veterans the medals they won, freeing the country from the Nazis.A number of provocations somewhere tacitly covered, but often openly supported the current government, happened in different cities of Ukraine.

Photos and video of tear down St. George’s ribbons with veterans, pensioners and even children filled the Internet and hundreds of publications. They are the clearest demonstration of how in today’s Ukraine quietly violate any laws and morality, beaten, humiliated the dignity of people that came on this holiday to honor the memory of their heroic ancestors who died in the war against Nazism,” – comments the author.

What was behind the statement of the Governor of the Transcarpathian region of the resignation, asks the author of the blog He jumps, and Muscovite.

“Gennady Moskal is a complicated game. He needs full control over the custom of Transcarpathia. There is a struggle for resources. Once Ukraine has a new government, everywhere there is a redistribution of ownership and cash flows from customs. The redistribution covered all Ukraine. And we seem still to hear not just one scandal, which will be slamming of doors, loud statements about ruined the reforms, as the argument in the dispute, in which the invisible part of the iceberg will pilfer from the country’s money,” the author writes.

The case of journalist and blogger Ruslan Kotsaba, who actively opposed the bloodshed on the territory of Donbass, became one of the most resonant criminal persecution in Ukraine, writes the author of the blog on this topic.

“On may 12 in Ivano-Frankivsk city court once again considered the case of Ruslan Kotsaba and the verdict, sentencing the journalist to 3.5 years in prison. The term of serving the punishment he was credited under the scheme “day two”. In the end, in prison, he left to spend a year. The journalist’s lawyer Tatyana montyan declared that in the near future will appeal against the decision of the Ukrainian court.

We will remind, on the eve of the next wave of mobilization Ruslan kotsaba on their YouTube page posted a video message “I am against mobilization”, in which he called for a boycott of the fourth wave of mobilization. He also said that it is better from two to five years to serve in prison than to go to the deliberate killing of compatriots who live in the East of the country.

The sentence of journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was the final verdict for the so-called Ukrainian “democracy” and a disgrace to the Ukrainian “justice”,” – said the author.

Analyst of U.S. Congress Vincent Morelli has prepared a report for the American Parliament called “Current issues and US policy”, the material says the US is preparing sanctions against Kiev.

“In the Morelli study analyzes in detail the situation in Ukraine in all directions, from the conflict in the Donbas to relations with Russia and the United States. Document prepared for the U.S. Congress and, at least is a recommendation status, however, as stated by the scientists, has significant weight when making decisions.

In his report, Morelli expresses considerable skepticism about the new Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, actions of the Ukrainian authorities in the Donbass and early elections to the Verkhovna Rada. The report States that the situation in the Donbass will only aggravation in the future. Morelli considers that, most likely, the European Union will extend sanctions against Russia for another six months, then the Ukrainian question will arise edge at the NATO summit. Us analysts make a few key insights,” the author writes.

Mikhail Saakashvili considers the loss. Vice-Governor of Odessa, Maria Gaidar wrote a letter of resignation, writes the author of the blog Maria Gaidar without headdress.

“Formally, the cause of her death is called the entry into force of the law “On civil service” which banned people with dual citizenship to hold public office. And this is not the first dismissal of high officials from the regional administration of Odessa. The first victim of the new law, which entered into force in Ukraine on 1 may was another Deputy Governor — the Deputy of city Council of Odessa Alexander Borovik.

The boletus Ukrainian in addition there is also a German national, where he actually came to work. Argument in favor of the invitation, became his “vast experience” of service in the firm Microsoft. Borovik prophesied a post of the first Deputy Minister of economy, but as a result he became the Deputy head of the Odessa regional state administration. But with the reforms of the boletus as something went wrong. He acted more as a PR Manager of Saakashvili and more advised than done. Comfortable position now allows him to claim that he advised, but no one heard him.

Not so easy with Maria Gaidar. For the duration of its service life, Saakashvili recollected Russian citizenship. Gaidar persistently angered participants ATO and members of their families who have her Russian passport caused a constant irritation. Declared as specialist in the field of healthcare reforming and development of tourism, she will be remembered not by the reforms, and scandals, which ended almost all of her appearances. Gaidar promised fast to show result: to overcome corruption in the Odessa customs, to improve the quality of the roads and to attract investors. Needless to say, that who remains on the sidelines,” the author writes.