Browse blogs: why Kiev again disrupts the negotiation process in Minsk

The authors section I – Reporter discuss the increase in tariffs, sanctions against Russia and the situation in the Donbass.

Groisman launched the privatization of Odessa portside plant. Under the terms of the auction, the company can not be sold to the Russians, and its starting price is estimated at 13,175 billion UAH ($0.5 billion), writes in his blog the politician Vladimir Oleynik.

“Of course, scrip is impressive, but across the state it is undervalued. Today in Ukraine day of the buyer, not the seller day. That is now for nothing in our country you can buy the most valuable thing in principle, and need to Western curators.

As a rule, experienced masters sell illiquid, and HMO lucrative plant. But on him fell the choice of the Kiev authorities, and not to enterprises that are empty. It is obvious that in conflict situations a major investor in the plant will not come. Moreover, it is an artificial way to limit participation in the auction potential buyers. Poroshenko, in fact without any restrictions operates in the “aggressor state”, his candy and sold in Moscow and Donetsk, and Crimea,” – says Oleynik.

Promised three years of waiting, according to rumor and apparently these people’s wits are guided in Europe when deciding on visa-free regime for Ukraine, writes the author of the blog, Welcome to… tomorrow!

“There are indications that next week, may 25, the ambassadors of the European Union can give the green light to Georgia. And Ukraine allegedly have to wait.Source of information was the correspondent of Radio “Liberty” in Brussels Ricard Jozwiak. While his predictions on the issue of visa-free access for Ukrainians to Europe was one hundred percent true. Jozwiak refers to his informants in the European structures.

I remember, back in March, President Petro Poroshenko said that the EU will give visa-free regime for Ukrainians after a few months.At the end of April visa-free regime seems to have become a little closer. Then the European Commission has submitted proposals to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on the liberalization for Ukraine. One should think that if these two structures will give good, with a biometric passport can travel without a Schengen visa in all EU countries, except Ireland and the UK,” the author writes.

In Ukraine another attack prices. This time the increased rates for water, according to the material How to brush your teeth for 2 UAH.

“The government is trying to explain something about this, but the whole truth is laid in one sentence: the Mechanism of formation of tariffs involves reducing the burden on the state budget, but the costs of Ukrainians will grow significantly.

The state, through subsidies, will try to compensate for the tariff increase, he said.But subsidies at all is clearly not enough. In the 2016 budget they laid 33,6 billion. Three months have already chosen 26 billion. After the gas in Ukraine heat tariffs increased by 75-90 percent. The percent is floating, because will depend on of businesses. That businesses themselves do not hurt, no doubt,” – said the author.

Kiev admitted that should the old people of Donbas is already more than $ 400 million, writes the author of the blog “Saving” in Ukrainian.

“The Ukrainian authorities were forced to admit that Donbass needs huge amounts of money, but their return is not yet collected. On Monday, the current Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko announced that the total debt on pension payments to residents of Donbas today is already 10 billion hryvnia in dollar equivalent is about $ 400 million.

Rozenko added that all residents of Donbass, which Kiev were left without pensions, “unable to obtain all entitlements due to them, if they return controlled by Ukrainian authorities of the territory.” That is, the Ukrainian government promises to pay off retirees only if Kiev will again control the Donbass. The Deputy Prime Minister boasted that due to the termination of payment of pensions and social benefits to residents of Donbass, Ukraine monthly saving of about 700-800 million hryvnia, resulting in a year in the state budget “could save about seven billion hryvnias,” – the author writes.

On the Mariupol direction preparing provocations, says the author of a blog on this topic.

“News Agency reports received in the editorial office the documents which stated that the press service of the headquarters of the so-called ATO have been instructed to provide the work of a group of foreign journalists during the execution of combat tasks with APU units under Avdeevka. Also in the editor were provided with photo identity documents issued by reporters, arrived in the area of Avdeyevka. The source warned that some of the accredited journalists can work closely with SBU and Western intelligence agencies.

Is absolutely no doubt the fact that the current Ukrainian authorities deliberately provoke a military conflict in the Donbass, and do not set on peaceful settlement of the conflict. This government needs a war, not negotiations,” – says the author.

The village stepanivka Donetsk region produces a terrible impression – crushed and burnt in the fighting houses, empty streets, the article reads about the situation in the Donbass.

“Village with a population of 2073 people completely wiped off the face of the earth. Video footage of the village filmed in the fall of 2014 with a drone from a bird’s flight, are a terrible tragedy.

Recently members of the national guard of Ukraine was threatened with a gun the members of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE on the ground control station of unmanned aerial vehicles, which is in the area of Stepanovka, said the representative of the press service of the mission. Thus. security forces tried to prevent the mission get in destroyed village.

Earlier, the Deputy head of Special monitoring mission of the OSCE hug was stated that the deterioration of the situation in the Donbass creates risks for observers, over the last month there have been several cases of shelling of the mission’s patrols. Moreover, representatives of the mission believe that the fire was opened on purpose,” the author writes.

In Minsk disrupted the regular round of talks on the fate of Donbass, I’m sure the author of the blog what Kiev again disrupts the negotiation process in Minsk.

“At the next meeting of the contact group in the Belarusian capital on may 17-18 was planned to discuss the rules of the election in the Donbass, and a draft law “On Amnesty of participants of events in the East of Ukraine”. The reason for the failure of the meeting was the absence of a member of the Ukrainian group of negotiators academician Vladimir Gorbulin, former Secretary of the security Council. A source close to the talks in Minsk, said that the representative of the Ukrainian side in the political subgroup Gorbulin left yesterday’s meeting “before the end of work today and does not appear.

It is likely that the failure of the next round of negotiations due to the release Gorbulin to the post of the Ukrainian delegation is another ploy of Kiev, with the aim to prolong as long as possible the implementation of agreements on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass,” – says the author.

Like Jamala victory at “Eurovision” was the last demonstrative Pro-Kiev anti-Russian gesture of Europe, I’m sure the author of the blog anti-Russian hysteria of the Kiev tired of Europe.

“In the West increasingly advocate that to recognize the Russian Crimea and at the same time to abolish all the anti-Russian sanctions, which have cost Europe a pretty penny”. The Kiev regime such sentiments make nervous. So Ukraine has responded to the upcoming vote in the regional Council of the Veneto on recognition of Crimea as part of Russia.

Today the Italian regions are suffering huge losses from continuing actions antirossiysky sanctions. The same Veneto region over the past year and a half has lost more than a billion euros. Counted losses from anti-Russian sanctions and in other EU countries. So the Ukrainian authorities, in their anti-Russian story “sick of Europe”. And nothing to offer in return to Europeans “patriots” can’t. Because unlike Russia, which is very interesting European countries as an economic partner, the Poroshenko regime is only begging the West for money and insists on continuing the war in the Donbass,” – says the author.