Browse blogs: Why the conflict in Ukraine still ongoing?

The authors section I – Reporter discussing the Eurovision song contest, Panamanian documents and the situation in the Donbass.

The Prosecutor’s office closed the criminal case concerning the disappearance of the values from mezhigorye “for lack of corpus delicti”. The question arises: was there a Golden baton, asks in his blog the politician Vladimir Oleynik.

“Around the values Mezhyhirya was a lot of hype. But where are all the “gold” has disappeared, do not know even those who announced its existence.

In fact, if there is no criminal case so there are no Golden toilet or Golden loaf, no other things, which loudly stated the current government on the Maidan, fueling sentiment Jingo,” – says Oleynik.

Immediately after the victory of the Ukrainian singer Jamala’s song contest “Eurovision 2016”, in front of Kiev arose is not a rhetorical question on the need to adopt next year’s “Eurovision 2017”, the story tells Us to live – you decide.

“Owning the real situation in the economy of Ukraine can safely predict the collapse of the project. The country is the third year of living in debt, to plunder millions of tranches of the IMF will be able to master costly exercise only with the help of investors.

Meanwhile, already showered with offers himself pulling on a warm blanket. On Sunday, the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko stated that a possible venue for “Eurovision” in 2017 is “Olympic” in Kiev. The mayor of Kherson Vladimir Nikolaenko also announced the desire to make the Eurovision song contest in 2017. However, he acknowledged that the city does not have quality roads and infrastructure of the European level. The initiative of the mayor was supported by the Governor of the region Andrey Gordeev, adding that the city needs a well-developed airport. In short, the process has begun,” the author writes.

After the publication of the so-called “Panamanian documents” on the bright brow of the President were tainted and had many questions, says the author of the blog the Business of the President.

The national Bank of Ukraine issued a special resolution that requires the resident and compulsory licenses for the implementation of all investments (regardless of the timing and amounts). Investing in an offshore company is a citizen (President) Poroshenko had to obtain prior permission of the NBU.

In mid-April, members of Parliament have expressed for the creation of the temporary investigative Commission to investigate the presence of Poroshenko offshore accounts. For obvious reasons, this initiative was not supported. However, some MPs still eager to see it through. At the end of the first decade of may on one of the first meetings of the Parliament reiterated the requirement to establish such a Commission. Truth in the sincerity of such statements made by those who yesterday joined the coalition, it is hard to believe,” the author writes.

Yearbook-The Military Balance (“Military balance”) published a statistical study on the state of the armed forces of most of the world countries, according to the material Strength of the Ukrainian army is sewn with white thread.

“It is therefore very interesting to look at the situation in the armed forces of Ukraine through the eyes of independent experts. For starters, The Military Balance has provided a detailed overview of the state of Ukrainian fleet of armored vehicles for 2013-2016. Were shown all the losses of military equipment of the armed forces of Ukraine, including non-combat.

Where such losses? It is fair to say that not all combat losses, some of them are the result of a banal mess in the Ukrainian army. In this regard, as an example, you can recall the features of the process of repair of armored vehicles, when depots of armored machinery of VSU shot a few units of heavy weaponry and collected from them a single unit. The rest equipment was dismantled for parts and sold, or copied for a full unsuitability,” the author writes.

In recent times there are reports that the Ukrainian units significantly increased the number of so-called non-combat losses, he writes a blog on this topic.

“Often “leisure” ends indiscriminate shooting, sometimes by his own associates. Moreover, as the facts show, the commanders of the APU absolutely no control over the situation. It became known that in connection with huge non-combat losses of the Ukrainian military commanders and forced to push to the contact line of the reserve units of the security forces and even conscripts. The scale of the disaster had reached a truly mass character such that Kiev can no longer just ignore it and trying to solve this problem. On the line of contact at the location of the Ukrainian part of Kiev sent a special Commission, which seeks to restore order in the Ukrainian armed forces, and most importantly – any way to deduce from hard drinking soldiers,” the author writes.

According to official statistics last year increased dramatically the number of offences in the army, he writes a blog on this topic.

“According to estimates of the General staff, officially only the number of criminal and administrative offences in the armed forces has increased in relation to 2014, more than half — 55%. The military Prosecutor’s office registered more than 5,100 crimes, involving more than 6.5 thousand soldiers (in 2014 – 2826).

Ukrainian command as you can, hide all these facts from the public, because it is very bright they testify to the complete lack of discipline and at least some of any order in the vaunted armed forces of Ukraine.But a pain in the bag, as they say, will out,” the author writes.

The majority of domestic and foreign scientists-experts believe that the conflict in the Donbas could really be fully repaid in a very short time, stated in the article Why the conflict in Ukraine still ongoing?

“But despite the demonstration of the desire of peace by all stakeholders, this did not happen. Although, it would seem, what could be simpler – the Western guarantees you need only hard to put pressure on Poroshenko, putting forward a serious ultimatum about a complete cessation of funding for as long as Kiev does not fulfill every one of the points of the Minsk agreements. Moreover, even Europe is frankly tired of the Ukrainian conflict. The results of the surveys as one demonstrate that the Ukrainian people today is in such poor economic Straits that it is much more interested in the problems of their own survival, and certainly not the problem of the return of Donbass. So why is the conflict in the East of Ukraine still going on?,” – asks the author.

View this table with the losses of Ukrainians during the two years of the war and tell me – what was it, he writes a blog about the situation in the Donbass.

“Today we can divide all Ukrainians on those who believe that the Donbass to win by force and those who understand why the Donbass forced to confront the aggression of Kiev. Many are going to win just by word, or by proxy. Some believe that they will go to protect his home, when “militia” will come to them in the city. Actually to fight in the Donbass go, or quite zadurmanen jingoism of the head, or simply deceived by the propaganda of people who do not understand that they are sent to die. There are those who are sent there by force. Enough most of the Ukrainians came under the powerful influence of the Kiev propaganda and is now fiercely hate not only “Donetsk”, but all Russian. But, oddly enough, came under the influence of zombie-box, such people demonstrate their increased suggestibility, and, as a rule, easily change their minds, once for the opposite effect.

In fact, this is the usual conformism. That is, the absence of its own position and the uncritical adherence to any sample having the greatest force of pressure (the opinion of the majority, recognized authority, tradition and objective opinion). But a war between the citizens of Ukraine. Some people think that fighting for their freedom, for Russian language, others believe that defending their country. And what is really happening? There is a war for influence in Ukraine, for its resources, for the economy of the country, fighting other people’s hands those who owns the banks and factories, land and factories. They do not care about Ukraine’s independence, freedom and the state language, they do not ask people when you send them the bullets. Will continue mobilization, war need many, because at this point it is easier to cut, as it is now fashionable to say, loot. But why do not all citizens of Ukraine understand that,” the author writes.

In Ukraine once again took off the tariffs. The new price of gas does not fit into any concept, which could explain the government’s decision, believes the author of the blog Gas range economy Groisman.

“The new government Volodymyr Groysman tried to explain that the price for gas 6879 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters is fair, transparent, economically justified. Although the acquaintance with the true state of Affairs in the gas sector shows that gas domestic production more than covers the needs of the population and the real price of natural gas should be at least twice lower.

Can’t annoy people with valuable tips officials of all stripes. For example, the Deputy from Blok of Petro Poroshenko Oleg Barna suggested to reduce the cost of gas in the cold of winter to heat only one room. And the new Minister of social policy Pavlo Rozenko went even further. He “rightly” said, enough to frighten the population with coal and firewood, there are many alternative fuels that are almost worthless. As it is, briquettes, pellets, peat, wood chips, as well as the sun, wind and water!,” – the author writes.