Browse blogs: Why the IMF is in no hurry to fork out

The authors section I – Reporter discuss the site “Peacemaker”, the situation in the Donbass, privatization and IMF tranches.

In Kiev there are rumors about the new plan, in order to once again try to finally resolve the issue with the Donbass by force, according to the material Why Poroshenko police mission of the OSCE?

“The Ukrainian President has long insisted on the need for the input of so-called police of the OSCE mission to Donbas. Peter A. literally, “dreams”, as thousands of armed peacekeepers will win for him the rebellious “republics” and give him “on a silver platter”.

By the way, the Ukrainian President stated very candidly about what purpose it serves, requiring input of “armed police” – the movement of troops West to Donbass at the call of the authorities in Kyiv will not let Russia if anything, to intervene under international law. Besides, Poroshenko expects that the armed missionaries will be given control over the borders not only on the demarcation line between Ukraine and the republics, but also control over all 400 km of the border between Ukraine and Russia, which is now controlled by “militia”. Moreover, Poroshenko is confident that, taking control of the borders, the armed missionaries, in turn, then pass it under the control of Ukrainian law enforcers,” the author writes.

The American Ambassador in Ukraine Jeffrey Payette replaced received a new assignment in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch, writes the author of the blog the changing of the guard, or the New Ambassador of the United States with Russian roots.

“Ukraine for her familiar territory. In his time as President of the country Leonid Kuchma Jovanovic worked here in the US diplomatic mission in the rank of Deputy Ambassador.How to change the attitude to Ukraine under the new President?

The US state Department is not very happy with the way things are going in Square. From the point of view of the USA in Ukraine over the past two years committed too many mistakes. And it is logical to assume that Jovanovic sent in order to strengthen the position of the United States in Ukraine,” – says the author.

The heads of ministries of internal Affairs of the EU before the possible adoption of the mechanism of free movement of Ukrainians in Europe agreed on a mechanism to suspend visa-free regime, stated in the article Ukraine-EU: the sudden cancellation of “bezveze”.

“We are talking about an order of cancellation “bezveze”. Thus, Europe is trying to provide at the border the traffic light, which will cut off the flow of potential migrants. For Europe the question is not idle. Faced with the wave of refugees from the hot spots of the Middle East, the European Union, scalded milk, blows on water.

The mechanism for suspension of visa-free regime in emergency procedure will be included in the event of a violation by countries of key conditions. This refers to the situation when the influx of visa-free travelers will turn into a flood of people wanting to stay in the Schengen area illegally or ask for asylum. In this case, a visa-free regime will be suspended for six months. How much in numerical terms, “a large number of citizens”, did not specify. Most likely done it on purpose to have room to maneuver,” – says the author.

Just a month ago the OSCE leadership in General categorically denied the very idea of the possibility of sending to the Donbass a kind of armed police mission, he writes a blog of the OSCE: an armed mission impossible.

“The organization has repeatedly stated that the activities of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE in General does not imply the presence of weapons among its observers and that the OSCE is not, and never was military police. But somehow, inexplicably suddenly “changed everything overnight”. Yesterday, OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier said that the OSCE is ready to send to Ukraine hundreds of police, including weapons, to ensure order and peace during voting.

However, he stressed that the armed mission will be introduced only if they will agree that “all parties”. According to Zannier, the OSCE mission could conduct their police operation simultaneously with the work of local police, in order to “prevent criminal activity and to assist foreign observers to monitor the voting process”. Zannier also stressed that the mission will be able to go to the East of Ukraine, but only if both sides will fully abide by the cease-fire,” the author writes.

On the third Saturday of may in Ukraine would have to mark two memorable dates. One of them is science Day. The second Day of Europe, the article reads the Apocalypse in Ukrainian.

“Celebration of Europe Day is celebrated according to the decree of the President of Ukraine, annually since 2003. The holiday was established in connection with the adoption of the strategic course towards integration into Europe and the desire to join the EU. In addition, the Day of Europe in Ukraine is intended to symbolize the unity, common values and a history of all Nations living on the continent.

Ukraine two years ago promised free access to the European market of goods and services, the labour market in the form of visa-free travel. Promised, as you know, waiting three years. Two and a half has passed. Remained six months. Apparently, these considerations have guided the European Union, once again deferring the decision on visa-free regime for Ukraine. Reluctantly swings open and a window to Europe for Ukrainian companies and Ukrainian business. Businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, spoiling ties with Russia, a sentiment “curators” on the other side of the obstacle on the path of European integration. In such circumstances, Ukrainian business and the agricultural industry have to develop and survive,” – said the author.

For Petro Poroshenko in the latest time there is no more important task how to speed up the process of receiving the next tranche of the International monetary Fund, according to the author of the blog Why the IMF is in no hurry to shell out.

“And if previous provided Ukraine almost without any conditions, this time the Western creditors have approached to business with all responsibility, putting the number of the terms on which money will be transferred to the Ukrainian Treasury. The mission of the international monetary Fund arrived in Kiev on the tenth of may and the week after next had completed its work. The visit was a desire to clarify the situation around the government of Ukraine, the stability of the parliamentary coalition, as well as demonstrations against corruption and the readiness to continue reforms to complete the second review of the EFF and the allocation of the third tranche.

This is visible, draw the part of the iceberg. The mission departed from Ukraine, took the final text of the new Memorandum is required for allocation to Kiev the next batch of money. But today a number of experts considers that it is unlikely to be signed before the end of the first month of summer, when on the “Ukrainian question” will gather the Board of Directors of the Fund. Western Ukraine receives no money for almost a year. The situation is heating up,” – said the author.

May 20, the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”, was closed in connection with excitation against it criminal case creators, resumed work, writes the author of the blog “the Peacemaker” under cover of authority.

“The site administrator has published a new topped the list of journalists accredited in the Donbass, fused them to some alleged anonymous official from the government of DND. Besides, mocking the whole world, which harshly criticized such methods of pressure on journalists and demanded the closure of the site, administrators “Peacemaker” bring a scathing “apology” for the previously published list of journalists – they say, sorry, little list-that I was “not the first freshness”, here we post a brand new, fresher.

In the “fresh” list is a total of 5412 names among which the 2082 data of Russian journalists, 1816 — media representatives from other countries, including the most famous correspondents of the world media. Without a doubt, the resume resource “Peacemaker” and the next publication of personal data of journalists are an international offense, and everyone involved in its operation have to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” – says the author.

In some units of the Ukrainian soldiers refuse to carry out their combat tasks, writes the author of the blog a Few true facts about “the most powerful army in Europe.”

“Ukrainian troops are increasingly flatly refuse to fight in the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone, desert, move to the side of the “militia”. They are not enticing promises big money for the voluntary service, they have a clear moral decline and increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian authorities and doubts about the necessity to fight for the interests of Poroshenko.

Recently, the Kiev authorities were forced to send a Commission of the main Department of moral-psychological support of staff of the armed forces of Ukraine to observe the behavior of Ukrainian soldiers and soldiers to assess, that is to say, the scale of the disaster,” the author writes.

As reports the Ministry of internal Affairs in Donetsk region, in the village of Trypillya of the Artemovsky district shot and killed a 76-year-old local resident, the author writes the blog Murder by negligence”.

“Was that a vulnerable pensioner shot and killed by military negligence. After drinking of spirits Sergeant, along with two of his colleagues decided to have illegally searched the houses of the local resident on the pretext that it somehow became known that in the home women are allegedly some unidentified men in unidentified military form,” the author writes.

Gradually gaining strength promised by the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysman the next wave of privatization in Ukraine, according to the material of the Arab investor Ukrainian filling.

“As was announced by the Cabinet at the next meeting of Parliament last week, the main object of privatization on which the government relies will the Odessa port plant (OPZ), which will be offered for auction at a starting price of about 520 million US dollars.

The SCR has become the object of privatization. In 2009, the company was put up for privatization tender, which was won by the company of the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The sales price amounted to 5 billion UAH (at that time it was a sum equal to approximately 500 million U.S. dollars). But the results of the competition were declared invalid. Then felt the price undervalued the SCR and accused the participants in the conspiracy. Seven years later sold the plant again. For all the appeal of the object it has a substantial encumbrance in the form of debts and other problems that will increase future buyer of the final amount of the costs for the OPP. It is this fact some experts regard as the factor that will confuse the potential interest of potential buyers,” – says the author.

The controversial website “Peacemaker” resumed its activity and have already put the updated list of journalists, he writes a blog on this topic.

“The reaction of the Ukrainian authorities on the resumption of the work of the site “Peacemaker” suggests that the government fully endorse and support the publication of lists of undesirables and dissidents. But the most important thing – that is the clearest way demonstrates their true desire in any way to control the “image” of what is happening in the media, and not only in Ukrainian but also in European and international.

The fact that more and more foreign publications publish articles with scathing criticism of Kiev. But what’s even more scary Ukrainian authorities – the European media are increasingly demonstrating the wide public of actual news reports from the conflict zone, which pieces carry so painstakingly built by the Kiev picture about “Russian aggression”, the “odvichnymi Ukrainian lytsar” and “the struggle of the patriots with the Donetsk terrorists”,” the author writes.