Brynzak: At the Olympics we can have five medals, and maybe five fourth places

Брынзак: На Олимпиаде у нас может быть пять медалей, а может – пять четвертых мест

Vladimir Brynzak

Vladimir Brynzak deducted from the forecasts of the performances at the Olympic games.

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak talked about the positive aspects in the women’s team and the health problems Sergey Semenov

“There is a positive and a negative. Among the positive: the medals Jima, and returned Semerenko. It was important to understand whether they will be able to pass full training and show results, which will give us a chance to fight for medals. Now we see that both the Vita and Valya 70%, but ready. We still have time to bring them to peak form for the Olympic games.

But there are problems in men. Big problems in Sergey Semenov. We now deal with his condition. Unfortunately, the bench replacement for men is short, so every athlete we have on the gold price.

Now biathlon is held at the maximum loads. Then in January they will fold, there will be more speed work and they have to run better than it is now. They have the confidence and ability to work. They have a coach with a name that has coached Olympic medalists and Champions.

But this is biathlon. Here can be five medals, and maybe five fourth places. A depends on the starting numbers, the weather, the lubrication, as the athlete will feel. Now to make predictions impossible. Will run those who will feel better at the Olympic games”, – told the project Manager brynzak in an interview with the Apostrophe.

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